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U.S. shooting kills four and injures three: police

One shooter killed four people and injured three more on Monday after firing in multiple locations in Colorado, according to US police.

The incident began around 5 pm and occurred in at least four different locations in the cities of Denver and Lakewood, police said at a late-night press conference.

Two adult women were killed, an adult man was injured, and another man was shot dead in the first place in Denver, police said.

The shooter then moved to the next Lakewood, where he deadly shot another man and injured another individual.

Processing information gathered from previous assaults, Lakewood officers were able to identify the shooter when he moved to another location.

“The fire was then replaced by an agent again, and the shooter in this case was dropped,” said John Romero, a spokesman for Lakewood police, and the shooter was “pronounced dead on the scene.” Added.

A Lakewood officer was shot dead and injured during a quarrel.

“The agent is currently in a hospital undergoing surgery,” Romero said.

The motives of the shooters are unknown and the incident is under investigation.

Gun violence is a major problem in the United States, and proponents of gun control say the problem is fueled by the spread of items and relatively loose gun law.

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