U.S. Space Force Chief Operating Officer confirms work with space-based directed-energy weapons

In the 1980s, the Pentagon attempted to develop satellite-based laser weapons to intercept incoming nuclear missiles. The United States lacked both the technical know-how and political will to end the Strategic Defense Initiative, but now that other nations own them, it does not prevent them from testing many space weapons. did.

The United States Space Force (USSF) has admitted that it is developing space-based directed-energy weapons. This is a direct violation of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which bans the militarization of space.

“Yes, we are,” Space Force Operations Director Jay Raymond told Congressman Jim Langebin (D-RI): Wednesday hearing After being asked if the USSF was developing a directed energy system for US satellites.

The hearing was one of two held in both the House of Representatives and the Senate Military Committee, where Air Force leaders were asked about their strategic and budgetary priorities.

Raymond told lawmakers Space has long been the key to US economic and military success, but “for the past three decades we have been able to take its access and freedom for granted. Unfortunately, defense strategy and new provisions. This is no longer the case, as the National Security Strategy has identified. “

Russia and China reiterated the USSF’s claim that they are “rapidly developing their own space capabilities,” and Raymond said both countries could “blind, destroy, or damage satellites.” We are developing a directed energy system. ” Space anti-satellite weapon designed to destroy US satellites. A cyber feature that allows you to deny access to your domain. “

Satellites are a pressure point for the US military and intelligence agencies because they somehow rely on information relayed from space antennas. This includes communications, GPS navigation and targeting, information gathering, and more.inside that Doctrine, The Space Force calls the universe the ultimate “highlands”.

2006, US National Reconnaissance General Bureau China Has tested Laser Dazzler on US satellites and temporarily blinded it, but so far the US has not publicly accused Russia or China of deploying directed-energy weapons in space.

However, the United States has accused both countries of testing anti-satellite weapons (ASAT), claiming it is a threat to US space assets.This is the United States Developed satellite attack weapon missile More than half a century ago Exploding nuclear weapons In space to test their ASAT abilities.The United States has already tested directed-energy weapons in space when launched Particle beam 4 minutes in 1989 in an effort to develop ballistic missile capabilities.

In 1967, the Outer Space Treaty between the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union laid the foundations for international space law and promised that signatories would never place it, making it clear that space outside the Earth’s atmosphere is not an area of ​​military disputes. I made it. Space weapon. The treaty is non-binding, but an important statement of peaceful intent.

In particular, the Convention did not prohibit the construction, testing, or use of ground-based anti-satellite weapons.

To compensate for the danger posed by other nations challenging long-held hegemony in US space, the Pentagon Significant expansion Of satellite function. These include new ballistic missile and hypersonic missile detection satellites, communications and Internet satellites, and other intelligence-gathering probes that can reach thousands in a day. U.S. Space Force Chief Operating Officer confirms work with space-based directed-energy weapons

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