U.S. woman sues man for RM45,000 for bad date (video)

A woman in Michigan, USA, took a man to court on a bad date. — Reuters photo

Silvia Loei

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 15:32 MYT

Kuala Lumpur, July 20 — A woman in Flint, Michigan is suing a man for US $ 10,000 (44,520 ringgit) because the date wasn’t perfect.

In a proceeding filed in 2020, QaShontae Short stated that Richard Jordan intentionally caused emotional distress, TMZ reported.

Short claimed that Jordan had deliberately and deliberately hurt her when she “left unseen on her mother’s birthday and her mother had just died.”

During the hearing, Jordan didn’t talk much except to explain that this was a waste of court time.

However, the Zoom Conference soon got caught up in a fierce debate between Short and Judge Harman Marable Jr. Herman Marable Jr. eventually stripped off the face shield and raised her voice towards her as she continued to scream at him.

Marable said the claim would need to be processed by the Circuit Court instead before ordering the case to be transferred to the Circuit Court.

according to Daily mailShort, who reports that he has been unemployed since early June, has a history of flirtatious proceedings.

In 2020, she sued the Flint Police Station for US $ 300 million (RM35.6 billion) and also filed a proceeding against AT & T, all of which were subsequently dismissed. U.S. woman sues man for RM45,000 for bad date (video)

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