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UAE Lobby’s Impact on France Revealed in New Report – Middle East Monitor

The United Arab Emirates has used a combination of an idealized self-image, courting French parliamentarians and smearing Qatar to strengthen its position on the international stage, a new report says. says.

of Investigation, French oriental XXI The website said, “combining an idealized self-image with a systematic smear of Qatar accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, a supposedly terrorist organization, courting a French member of parliament … Emirates are deploying a variety of strategies aimed at strengthening their position on the international stage.”

The UAE has hired several French media companies, including the French branch of British firm Project Associates. euro newsand think tanks like the Bussola Institute are helping to achieve that goal, the study reveals.

It also won a number of media and politicians like Senator Natalie Goulet to express views closer to those of the UAE.

It is through this lobby that Abu Dhabi instigated French Muslim imams on the pretext of being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, which they view as a terrorist organization, the report said.

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Among them is Imam Hassan Ikiusen of Morocco. have been deported After being accused of making anti-Semitic and misogynistic remarks.

According to the study, “In France and elsewhere, [the UAE] It promotes its activities, presents a positive outlook and never underestimates how it conveys its geopolitical message. ”

“To appeal to an international audience, particularly France, Abu Dhabi tried to convince them that the Muslim Brotherhood constituted a danger, not just a political one. It was especially true at times Siege of Qatar In 2017, along with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt.

According to the report, Abu Dhabi acted systematically to create the simplified ideological group Qatar-Muslim Brotherhood-Terrorism, while the UAE led a “cognitive war” against political Islam.

https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20221006-uae-lobbys-influence-over-france-revealed-in-new-report/ UAE Lobby’s Impact on France Revealed in New Report – Middle East Monitor

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