UK: Armed with contraceptives and sex toys, a 60-year-old man goes to see a girl he met online.arrested after sting

A 60-year-old British man pitched a sex toy into a McDonald’s restaurant in the Midlands to meet a schoolgirl he met online. However, he was shocked because a man named Keith Hogan was actually talking to a police officer.

According to a report in nottinghamshire live, the pervert was caught at a fast food chain in Markeeton Park, Derby, where he thought he wanted a sex report. However, he finds himself surrounded by plainclothes officers.

Hogan was arrested after signing up for Kik Messenger, a free instant messaging and social networking app. The “kid” he thought he was chatting with was actually the secret police.

Hogan wiped away tears when he received a sexual assault prevention order and was told he would have to sign the sex offender registry for five years. A community order has been set for his three years, requiring him to complete his 43-day sex offender certification program and complete 60 days of rehab work. UK: Man sentenced to life in prison after strangling teenage girl for refusing sex in Pembroke

While she was pretending to be 13, Arnold’s Patricia Drive Hogan continued the sexual conversation, sending photos and videos of his cock performing sexual acts. Hogan later said he wanted to try “without giving it a second thought,” and they talked for three weeks. Suicide in New York: Massive outrage after woman from India who was tortured to not have a son commits suicide

It started as a pure chat with sexual innuendos. When shown the images and videos he sent her, he called himself a “dirty old man who needs to be locked up” and agreed to be a threat to her children.

Hogan, who currently lives in Nottingham with his mother but plans to move to Lincoln to rekindle their relationship, was found guilty of three crimes, including attempting to sexually communicate with a child and letting the child see it. Attempts to meet girls under the age of 16 after sexual activity and grooming.

Matt Hayes said Hogan’s risks could be managed in the community and that he was involved with a counselor.

“You went to see a 13-year-old armed with contraceptives and sex toys, and I don’t understand how you can call it a toy.” You mentioned that you are chatting with the two children of

He warned that if the child was real, he would go to prison for years.

He reminded Hogan that he was 60 years old and that if this relationship happened, it would be like a grandfather-grandson relationship. was not sexually satisfied.

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