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UK charges alleged Daesh member with terrorism offenses after Turkiye deports him

An alleged member of the Daesh terrorist group and its “Beatles” cell, made up of British militants, was charged with terrorism after being arrested upon arrival in the UK.

After being deported from Turkiye on Wednesday – where he spent seven and a half years in a high-security prison – and after arriving on British soil, 38-year-old Aine Davis was arrested at Luton airport and turned up yesterday. In court. The Crown Attorney’s Office later announced that Davis was “charged with a terrorist offense and possession of a firearm for purposes related to terrorism.”

He is accused of being part of Daesh and their “Beatles” cell, said to be headed by another British member named Mohammed Emwazi. While the group controlled vast swaths of Iraq and Syria in the mid-2010s, Cell was reportedly responsible for guarding and executing Western hostages.

In November 2015, Ain and other suspected Daesh members were arrested during a raid on a villa in Istanbul by Turkish counter-terrorism forces.The property was rented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – U.S. Domestic Intelligence Service – This turned out to be a clearly entrapped operation before alerting Turkish officials of the individual’s presence and false terrorist plot.

FBI rented Istanbul villa for Daesh before alerting Turkish officials, report reveals

Davis reiterated his denial of being a member of Daesh at the hearings and said he traveled to Syria for aid work early in the ongoing civil war. He claimed he was related to Emwazi simply because they had attended the same London mosque in common.

He also told the court that photos of him posing with weapons and armed militants were misunderstood. “I don’t know who the people in the picture were or what group they belonged to.”

However, prosecutors cited intercepted phone messages to prove that he had been in contact with identified Daesh operatives, who had “important meetings” and “engaged in provocative and sensationalist behavior.” He countered by claiming that he had proved that he had requested assistance in crossing the Syrian border into Turkiye because of .

They also cite a red notice against him by the international police organization Interpol filed by the British police, which is based on the content of his wife’s phone call, and which includes a photo of him with the words “guns, Islamic It included a picture of him with flags, dead martyrs, and other individuals “…everyone is armed.”

Turkiye captures two Daesh operatives wanted by Interpol in police raid

https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220812-uk-charges-alleged-daesh-member-with-terror-offences-after-turkiye-deports-him/ UK charges alleged Daesh member with terrorism offenses after Turkiye deports him

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