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UK FM, GCC ministers urge Iran to restore nuclear deal-Doha News

Officials took advantage of common concerns such as the ongoing war in Yemen, the Middle East peace process, and defense investment.

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss and his counterparts of the Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] He emphasized the importance of restoring the 2015 nuclear agreement.

This was after the Foreign Minister met in the UK on Monday, emphasizing the importance of strengthening cooperation between the UK and the GCC in various areas.

Resumption of talks in Vienna to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [JCPOA] Diplomats were on the agenda, emphasizing that negotiations were the “last opportunity” to revive the agreement in Iran’s “nuclear escalation.”

“The Foreign Minister has seized the current diplomatic opportunity for Iran and JCPOA Now to avoid putting the region and the international community in crisis. ” UK Government Website..

The statement added that the restoration of the nuclear agreement is “the best means for a more lasting diplomatic effort to ensure regional security in the Gulf region, which is comprehensive and free of nuclear weapons.” ..

Iran says negotiations with Saudi Arabia depend on the “seriousness” of the kingdom

In addition, the Foreign Minister has blamed the proliferation of advanced ballistic missiles and unmanned aerial vehicle systems. [UAS] “Used by Iran and its agents in hundreds of attacks on civilian and civilian infrastructure.”

“They called on the new Iranian government to play a positive regional role, comply with international norms, respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of neighboring countries, and refrain from supporting radical groups,” the statement added. rice field.

Diplomats also discussed the need for a political solution to the ongoing war in Yemen, condemning the ongoing attacks by the Houthi rebels.

The United Kingdom and the GCC have agreed to continue to provide humanitarian assistance to people in war-torn countries while protecting humanitarian workers.

In 2014, the Houthis conquered all government agencies in Sana’a, gained control of the city, and fled an internationally recognized government to Aden. Later, a Saudi-led coalition began military intervention to push back rebels to revive the Abdullabomansour Hadi administration.

But at least for years 233,000 Yemen have been killed in the last 6 yearsOf these, 131,000 died as a result of malnutrition, medical care and lack of medical care.

About the Middle East Peace Process

A statement released by the British government added that British and GCC diplomats “repeated their commitment to a two-state solution to meet the legitimate desires of the Palestinian people” and “protect Israel’s security.”

The joint communiqué said the solution needed to be “based on an agreed land exchange, Jerusalem as a co-ownership of both countries, and a 1967 route with a fair settlement for refugees.”

Islamic countries promise funding to prevent Afghanistan’s economic collapse

The solution is the UN Security Council [UNSC] Resolutions 242 and 338. A resolution passed in 1967 called on Israel to withdraw troops from the occupied territories during the six-day war.

Despite the purpose of claiming that it will be achieved, the resolution is further Justify the existence of Israel, In itself was already illegal by all international law. The resolution also described the Palestinians who lived in their land as “refugees.”

The UK has not yet publicly apologized to the Palestinians for the Balfour Declaration, which upheld the illegal occupation of Palestine by approving the establishment of a Jewish state.

“The Foreign Minister has repeated the Abraham Agreement and her commitment to sharing the prosperity and security of Arabs and Israelis,” the statement added.

Last year, the UAE and Bahrain signed the Abraham Agreement, under which they openly normalized with Israel.

Qatar has repeatedly denied normalization with Israel as long as it continues the illegal occupation of Palestine.

About Iraq

Diplomats at the conference discussed the development of Iraq and their “shared vision for stability and prosperity” and the prevention of the expansion of domestic militants, including radical groups in Islamic State.

Foreign Minister also blamed Attempted assassination Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadimi’s held in November this year

This happened during a clash between government forces and parties in favor of Iran-backed parties after Baghdad lost dozens of seats in parliament after the October general elections.

“”they [British and Gulf foreign ministers] Keeping in mind the recent parliamentary elections in Iraq, I agreed with the need to form a government that reflects the outcome of the elections in order to maintain political stability, “read the joint communiqué.


The situation in Afghanistan remains an important topic of debate, and the Foreign Minister has expressed concern about the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

GCC Summit Calls for Action from Iran as Vienna Negotiations Continue

“They emphasize the importance of the Taliban’s commitment to combat terrorism, do not allow terrorist organizations to train, organize and raise funds in Afghanistan, and foreign fighters enter the country. He emphasized the importance of preventing terrorism, “a statement from the British government.

Diplomats also welcomed the results of the latest extraordinary ministerial meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. [OIC] In Pakistan on Sunday.

During the event, members agreed to establish a trust fund for humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan as Afghanistan is tackling multiple crises exacerbated by years of war and drought.

Cooperation between the UK and GCC

Aside from regional issues, the UK and GCC have expressed their commitment to further cooperation in areas such as clean technology and digital infrastructure.

“The Foreign Minister emphasized their belief that this ambitious strategic partnership between the United Kingdom and GCC member states is essential in promoting peace, security, stability and economic growth in and beyond the Middle East.” I read the statement.

Trade between the UK and GCC exceeded £ 30 billion in the year to June 2021. This is because investment in each other’s economy has reached “tens of billions of pounds.”

“The UK and GCC member countries emphasized their commitment to work together to identify bilateral opportunities for joint investment in infrastructure and clean technology in developing countries,” the statement added.

Ministers also expressed their support for the 5th UN Conference on the Poorest Countries. [LDC5], Qatar is hosting in January 2022.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom and the GCC welcomed the defense cooperation they shared, repeating their “commitment to addressing regional threats and protecting security, including joint exercises.”

The UK and the GCC commented on climate change, a common concern on a global scale, and emphasized the importance of promising to reach an agreement at this year’s COP26 Summit.

“The United Kingdom praised the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the leadership demonstrated in the launch of the Middle East Green Initiative. GCC Each country’s commitment to open and transparent cooperation in implementation, “said the joint statement.

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