UK government acquires shares in sex party planning company

The UK government reportedly owns a 1.5% stake in the company and is recently valued at around £ 15m.

According to the Financial Times, British taxpayers now hold shares in Killing Kittons, a startup that organizes sex parties founded by Emma Sail, an alumni of the Duchess of Cambridge.

This development was made possible thanks to the convertible bonds provided to Killing Kittens by the Future Fund of the state-owned British Business Bank in 2020.

As the media points out, the loan provided to the “innovative company” under the Future Fund program during the COVID pandemic is what happened in the case of Killing Kiton, the next fund of the recipient’s company. It featured a clause that converts the loan into equity in financing.

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Sayle himself said her company raised £ 1m in the latest round, the Killing Kittens are worth around £ 15m, and the government owns a 1.5% stake.

“The government is already making money by investing,” she said, quoted by FT.

Founded in 2005, Killing Kittens is known for its “exclusive and hedonistic” events. According to Media Outlets, members-only events were held in many major cities around the world. The company has also developed its own adult social media network. UK government acquires shares in sex party planning company

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