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UK launches Pfizer Covid pills next month – latest update

Covid-19 infected more than 366 million people worldwide and killed more than 5.6 million people. Here are some of the latest developments related to coronavirus:

The UK ordered a 2.75 million course for Paxrovid, and the government said it could be directly accessible to people with weakened immunity, cancer patients, or people with Down Syndrome. (Reuters)

Friday, January 28, 2022

UK launches Pfizer pills next month

The UK will begin rolling out Pfizer’s Covid-19 pills to vulnerable people next month.

The Ministry of Health said Friday that it is targeting the treatment of people with weakened immunity who may be less effective with the vaccine.

The Ministry of Health said Pfizer’s antiviral drug, Paxrovid, is a combination of Pfizer’s pills and the old antiviral ritonavir, which will be available to thousands of people starting February 10.

It is the second antiviral drug being deployed in the United Kingdom, following Molnupiravir, a pill manufactured by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics that is being deployed to patients through panoramic trials.

Italy reports 143,898 new infections

Italy reported 143,898 Covid-19-related cases against 155,697 the day before.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of deaths has dropped from 389 to 378.

Italy has recorded 145,537 deaths associated with Covid-19 since it occurred in February 2020. It is the second highest victim in Europe after the UK and the ninth highest victim in the world. The country has reported 10.68 million cases so far.

The number of patients admitted to Covid-19 (excluding those in the intensive care unit) was 19,796 on Friday, down from 19,853 the day before.

UK adds 89,176 new cases

The UK has reported an additional 89,176 cases of Covid-19, with an additional 277 deaths, government statistics show.

Both cases and deaths have decreased by 2.7% in the last 7 days compared to the previous week.

Merck’s Covid Pill for Omicron

Merck & Co Inc and partner Ridgeback Biotherapeutics say six lab studies have shown that the experimental oral Covid-19 drug molnupiravir is effective against rapidly spreading Omicron variants.

The data evaluated the antiviral activity of molnupiravir and other Covid-19 antiviral agents against the Variant of Concern Covid-19 variant. Molnupiravir has not yet been studied against Omicron in human studies, the two companies said.

Molnupiravir and Pfizer’s rival oral tablets were approved in the United States in December and are considered an important tool for Omicron.

Australia suffers from the worst day of the pandemic

Australia celebrates the worst day of the Covid-19 pandemic, killing nearly 100 people, but in some large states, hospitalized in the hope that the latest wave of infectious diseases will begin to subside. Is expected to decrease.

In addition, the national drug regulator Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has expanded its booster qualifications to 16 and 17 years old, joining the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom.

Infestation in Australia has exploded, stimulated by the rapidly prevailing subspecies of Omicron. Approximately 2 million cases have been recorded in the last 4 weeks.

Until then, the country has counted only 400,000 cases since the pandemic struck the country almost two years ago.

However, the recent stable hospitalization rate of about 5,000 raises expectations that the worst may end.

“The situation is generally stable and we expect it to decline further (in the case of hospitals),” said John Gerard, Queensland’s chief health officer.

Omicron behind almost all infectious diseases in Italy

The highly contagious variant of Omicron now accounts for almost all new infections in Italy, and the National Institutes of Health (ISS) accounted for almost 96% of cases in a flash survey on 17 January. Said that.

A previous study on January 3 showed that Omicron accounted for 81% of cases.

In a statement, the institute said, “In Italy on January 17, Omicron variants were predominant, with an estimated prevalence of 95.8%, while Delta was 4.2% of the tested sample. “.

This analysis is based on 2,486 cotton swabs tested in 124 laboratories and collected in all 21 regions and autonomous states of Italy.

Globally, this week’s World Health Organization report reports that Omicron variants account for 89.1% of cases and Delta accounts for 10.7%.

China is quietly blocking the area near Beijing

Chinese officials have blocked the area adjacent to Beijing, following a small number of cases of Covid-19 in just one week before the Winter Olympics, but have not disclosed any restrictions.

Restrictions began on Tuesday, and virus prevention staff added, “We expect this (blockage) to last for about a week, but the exact timing is unknown.”

About 1.2 million people in Xiong’an, a new special economic zone 100 kilometers southwest of China’s capital, are no longer allowed access to residential facilities, local virus prevention staff have confirmed.

Although the recent blockade in China has been publicly announced and widely reported by the state media, the Xiong’an new zone restrictions appear to have been introduced without notice, causing confusion among some residents. ..

At the Winter Olympics, which begins next week, Chinese authorities have scrambled to eradicate relapses in several major cities, including Beijing.

The Philippines plans to lift the ban on foreign tourists

Nearly two years later, the Philippines will ban foreign tourists and businessmen and revive the devastated tourism industry as the recent outbreak of the coronavirus has begun to mitigate.

Tourism Minister Bana Romuro Puyat said that from February 10th, the door will be reopened to travelers from more than 150 countries with visa-free privileges.

Foreign travelers will not need to be quarantined at a government-designated center upon arrival if they are fully vaccinated prior to arrival and tested negative.

The government initially planned to lift the ban on December 1, but the epidemic of the more contagious variant of Omicron has led authorities to impose stricter restrictions and postpone it indefinitely. it was done.

In other news, President Rodrigo Duterte warned that unvaccinated Filipinos who opposed the order to stay home could be arrested.

Thailand has adopted guidelines for declaring endemic disease in Covid

Thai health authorities have approved new guidelines outlining the parameters for declaring a coronavirus pandemic as endemic. This is a disease that stays here, like the flu and measles.

Criteria: The number of new cases per day is less than 10,000. Case fatality rate should not exceed 0.1 percent of those hospitalized for infectious diseases. And more than 80 percent of people at risk have at least two jabs.

Official figures show that the country already meets the three criteria set by the Ministry of Health’s National Commission on Infectious Diseases.

However, Health Ministry spokesman Rungrueng Kitphati said it was only six months to a year before the government could make a decision to start treating Covid-19 as endemic.

Russia sees record cases for eight consecutive days

According to the government’s Coronavirus Task Force, Russia’s daily Covid-19 cases surged to 98,040, a record high for eight consecutive days as Omicron variants continued to spread.

The number of new infections has increased significantly from 88,816 reported the day before. Officials also said 673 people had died in the last 24 hours.

South Korea sets new daily record in Covid’s case

South Korea reported 16,096 new cases of coronavirus. This is another daily record after posting 14,518 the day before, as highly infectious variants of Omicron are rampant.

U.S. health agencies have “permanent flaws” in crisis response

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) warned in a report released Thursday that U.S. parliamentary observers had a “permanent flaw” in their ability to respond to public health emergencies. Cited the concerns raised by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO), a parliamentary auditing body, said HHS is “high risk” to mismanage future crises and made some previous recommendations to improve pandemic response. He said it could not be done.

In its report, GAO stated that there are various threats that go far beyond the pandemic and emphasize the need for preparation.

“As the Covid-19 pandemic was devastating, more frequent extreme weather events, new viruses, and villains threatening to cause deliberate harm are imminent, identifying flaws that GAO is particularly concerned about. We are doing it, “the report said.

“Not being well prepared for various public health emergencies can also negatively impact the time and resources needed to achieve a full recovery.”

Hundreds of new deaths in Mexico

The Mexican Ministry of Health reports an additional 495 deaths from Covid-19 and 49,150 new infections, with a total death toll of 304,803 and cases of 4,828,446.

Brazil reports 228,954 new cases of coronavirus and 672 deaths

Brazil has reported 228,954 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, and 672 Covid-19s have died, the Ministry of Health said.

South American countries have enrolled 24,764,838 confirmed cases since the outbreak of the pandemic, but official deaths have increased to 625,085, according to provincial data.

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