UK lowers LGBTQ + rights rankings over transconversion therapies

UK On Thursday, the annual ranking of LGBTQ + rights in European countries fell, and activists said they would exclude transgender people from future bans on so-called conversion therapy.

UK The advocacy group ILGA-Europe dropped from 10th to 14th in the “Rainbow Europe” index and continued to slide from 1st 7 years ago.

Government policies for conversion therapy aimed at changing sexual orientation and gender identity, attitudes towards gender awareness, and barriers to LGBTQ + people’s asylum were all cited as factors.

“The UK is retreating,” Evelyne Paradis, Executive Director of ILGA-Europe, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“The (LGBTQ +) group is in a defensive moment, trying to prevent and prevent further retreats. This is a very shocking thing coming from a country like the UK.”

UK It surpassed the Rainbow Europe Map in 2015. But since then, activists have said the government has failed to implement some of the long-awaited LGBTQ + bills.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced criticism in April for withdrawing a total ban on conversion therapy.

The new law prohibits efforts to change the sexuality of gay and bisexual people, but does not apply to conversion therapy or adults deemed to have agreed.

A proposal to amend the Gender Recognition Act to allow transgender people to legally change gender without medical diagnosis was also discussed in 2017, but was abandoned in 2020.

A spokesperson for the Equality Hub, the government agency that oversees equality law, defended the government’s performance, saying: UK It had one of the most comprehensive and robust LGBT people in the world as a legislative protection framework.

“We are very clear that by submitting a bill banning conversion therapy, we will protect people from the abominable practices of conversion therapy,” a spokesman said, and the government will move to Northern Ireland in 2020. He added that he extended same-sex marriage.

ILGA-Europe’s Paradis also has a “toxic” climate UK As a result of “anti-transnarative, rhetoric and mobilization” in the British media and society.

UKThe 4th place decline is the largest decline rate among the listed countries and currently has the country behind France, the Netherlands and Iceland.

It is also below Montenegro, even though the Balkans do not legally allow same-sex marriage.

Malta has been above this index since 2016, when it became the first European country to criminalize conversion therapy.

Poland is the lowest ranked country in the European Union, but Azerbaijan is listed as the worst country in Europe in terms of LGBTQ + rights. UK lowers LGBTQ + rights rankings over transconversion therapies

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