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UK Maru to remove self-quarantine rules – latest update

Covid-19 infected more than 423 million people worldwide and killed more than 5.9 million. Here are some of the latest developments related to coronavirus:

British people are legally required to quarantine themselves for at least 5 days if they are infected with Covid-19. (AP)

Sunday, February 20, 2022

British Maru to remove self-quarantine rules

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to remove the self-isolation requirement for people infected with Covid-19 next week, his office said.

The UK will be the first major European country to allow people who know they are infected with Covid-19 to freely use shops and public transport to go to work. Many of his health advisors consider it dangerous.

“Covid does not disappear suddenly, he needs to learn to live with the virus and continue to protect himself without limiting his freedom,” Johnson said in a statement.

Currently, British people are legally required to self-quarantine for at least 5 days when directed by public health authorities, if they have Covid-19 symptoms or if the test is positive. It is recommended to quarantine without specific instructions.

Brazil records 108,725 pandemic cases

According to data released by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, Brazil has registered 851 Covid-19 deaths and 108,725 additional cases.

South American countries are currently enrolling a total of 643,880 coronavirus deaths and 28,167,587 confirmed cases.

In Brazil, cases of Covid-19 have surged in recent weeks due to the Omicron variant of coronavirus, but due to the relatively high vaccination rates, the case fatality rate of the current wave is higher than that of the previous wave. It’s much lower.

Covid killed 315,525 people in Mexico from the beginning

The Mexican Ministry of Health has reported 470 new confirmed deaths from Covid-19 since the pandemic began at 315,525.

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