UK pharmacist warns medicine shortages endanger patients


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The issue first surfaced in April, when shortages of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs sparked outcry and some women said they would resort to unconventional methods to get the drugs they needed. Doctor warned.

UK pharmacists have expressed concern over drug shortages in the UK where they believe patients are at risk, a new poll has found.

A survey of 1,562 UK pharmacists by the Pharmaceutical Journal found that more than 54% of respondents said their patients had been put at risk in the past six months due to drug shortages. .

The outlet quoted an unnamed pharmacist at a children’s hospital in the UK saying that problems associated with variable supplies of nutritional products could pose a threat to the health of patients.

“We had to ration it, which could put patients at risk for vitamin deficiencies,” the pharmacist noted.

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They were echoed by another hospital pharmacist who issued a warning about the unavailability of drugs at the end of a patient’s life.

“There was no alternative for one patient who had to deal with additional symptoms in the last days of his life due to the lack of available treatments,” a source told Pharmaceutical Journal. rice field.

Mike Dent, Director of Pharmacy Funding for the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, echoed the same tone, saying in an interview with the Journal, “We are increasingly concerned about the problem of drug supply and the very serious implications of this for both communities. It’s like holding it,” he said. Pharmacy team and their patients. ”

A spokesperson for the UK Department of Health and Human Services said: “We take patient safety very seriously. […] Directly share information on pharmaceutical supply issues on a regular basis NHS [National Health Service] Plans can then be made to reduce the risk of shortages affecting patients, such as providing alternative medicines. ”

“We have established procedures for dealing with drug shortages and will work closely with industry, the NHS and others to prevent shortages and resolve issues as quickly as possible,” the spokesperson said. Added.

The statement follows a number of ‘medicine supply notices’ issued by the UK government highlighting shortages of a range of key medicines, including life-saving ones like antibiotics, insulin and antidepressants. .

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The issue first came to light at the end of April 2022, when a shortage of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications led some women in the UK to share prescriptions and contemplate suicide. HRT is used to relieve most symptoms of menopause and works by replacing low levels of the hormone.

According to the British newspaper Express, the drug shortage is “caused by shortages of raw materials used in the manufacture of medicines. These are often sourced from countries in the Far East. They are also set by drug manufacturers and wholesalers. The costs incurred are also rising.” UK pharmacist warns medicine shortages endanger patients

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