UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemns Russia’s ‘cultural vandalism’ in Ukraine

London, 27th August: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said invading forces were trying to wipe out Ukrainian culture in occupied territories, denouncing Russia’s “cultural vandalism” in Ukraine. The prime minister said Britain would continue to donate civilian and military aid, as well as fund Ukraine’s “cultural protection measures,” he reports dpa news agency. Mr Johnson said in a video message to the Scottish Parliament or the Edinburgh International Cultural Summit in Holyrood on Friday.

“Throughout history, we have seen what happens when invaders seek to suppress and eliminate a culture. he said. Russia blocks final document at nuclear treaty conference.

“Today, the world is witnessing yet another unpardonable act of cultural vandalism, this time in Ukraine. Many of the distorted rationales for[Russian President Vladimir]Putin’s aggression are that Ukraine is somehow It is based on the despicable claim that it is not a real country.

“This is a lie that he seeks to uncover by systematically erasing all traces of centuries of Ukrainian culture from the territories occupied by his forces,” Johnson added.

The UK said it would fund “cultural heritage protection measures” as well as military and humanitarian aid. Many Ukrainian cultural figures also attended the summit, including writer Oksana Zavzhko and musician Marina Krut. To mark the start of the summit, the rooster-shaped ceramic jug handed to Johnson in Kyiv will be on display at Holyroodhouse.

The prime minister and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky were handed matching jugs by a woman from Kharkov as they walked the streets of the Ukrainian capital in April. believed to have power.

This type of jug has become a symbol of Ukraine’s strong resistance to the Russian military invasion. A building in Borodhanka had been destroyed by a Russian airstrike.

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