UK strengthens training of Ukrainian forces Sky News

British media report that the length of the UK-based combat course has been extended from three to five weeks.

Britain plans to “significantly expand” its training program for Ukrainian soldiers to aid Kyiv in the ongoing conflict with Russia, Sky News reported Monday.

According to Sky, the British military has extended its combat course from three to five weeks and could provide tens of thousands of new troops to Ukraine to participate in hostilities. Apart from the UK, expanded training will also be offered by instructors in eight other countries, including New Zealand, Sweden and the Netherlands, the report said.

Some 4,700 Ukrainian personnel have reportedly already taken the course at bases in the north, southwest and southeast of the UK since it began in June.

UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace told Sky News that the training was “progressing rapidly” and that the decision to extend the course “is the best possible preparation for Ukrainian soldiers who will soon enter active combat operations.” The purpose is to provide,” he said.

For now, the program is based on British basic infantry training, and participants can improve their weapons-handling skills and learn how to properly organize first aid, fieldcraft and patrols, according to the outlet. I can do it.

The additional two weeks will be devoted to developing more advanced skills such as trench warfare, urban warfare and vehicle operations, and will include training in simulated combat environments, the report added.

The decision to expand the training program follows similar previous efforts by the Royal Navy to train Ukrainian sailors in Scotland.

( UK strengthens training of Ukrainian forces Sky News

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