UK upgrades disease severity to leprosy, plague level

The outbreak of monkeypox has become a serious concern around the world. The UK has reported more than 300 cases of monkeypox.

While designating monkeypox as a notifying disease, UK health officials upgraded the severity of monkeypox to leprosy and plague severity.

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By June 7, 321 monkeypox viruses were detected in the United Kingdom, 11 in Scotland, 2 in Northern Ireland, and 3 in Wales, according to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). rice field.

Authorities have enacted a law to make monkeypox a notable infectious disease under Health Protection (Notification) Rule 2010 from June 8.

This means that all UK doctors need to notify the local council or the local health protection team (HPT) if a patient is suspected of having monkeypox. If monkeypox virus is identified in the laboratory sample, the laboratory must also notify UKHSA, the agency said.

Wendy Shepherd, UKHSA’s Monkeypox Incident Director, said: In the statement.

“We also provide vaccinations to detect potential outbreaks of the disease, to quickly track close contact, and to limit infections where appropriate, through rapid data collection and analysis. “Shepherd added.

The move raises monkeypox to the same legal status as 33 other illnesses, including leprosy, malaria, rabies, plague and yellow fever, which are designated as “notifiable” by the UK Health Protection Regulations. increase.

Covid-19 also became ill, notified on March 5, 2020, before the blockade of the United Kingdom. However, UKHSA epidemiologist Dr. Meaghan Kall said the latest move “has no direct connection to (disease management) control” and should not be interpreted as a precursor to restrictions like the coronavirus. , Telegraph reported.

“That means clinicians and laboratories have statutory requirements for reporting cases,” she told Telegraph. “Cases need to be monitored for surveillance and (epidemiological) purposes.”

This change also means that all foreign visitors who have been diagnosed or treated for monkeypox will be exempt from fees.

“This is important because the cost of accessing tests and treatments from the NHS can be a major barrier, hindering people from moving forward and increasing the risk of infection,” added Dr. Kall. UK upgrades disease severity to leprosy, plague level

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