UK workers force voting to raise workers’ rights following P & O dismissal

Workers will force an urgent vote in the British Parliament on the dismissal of 800 P & O workers on Monday, demanding that the government take action to outlaw so-called fires and staff reemployment.

The party said the report suggested that the government was informed before the dismissal was announced and about plans to use “exploitative” practices to take on cheaper employees.

Rail, shipping and transportation unions claim that the wages of replacements are lower than the minimum wage.

Shadow Secretary of State for Transport Louise Haigh dismisses before a parliamentary vote calling for the government to ban dismissals and rehires, strengthen workers’ rights, and force the company to reconsider. Expressed as “sand line”.

Workers urge the government to suspend the contract with DP World, the owner of P & O, and remove it from the Transport Advisory Group until the issue is resolved.

Hay said: “Workers will fight at every stage for the work and livelihood of these loyal workers.

“This scandalous behavior must be a line in the sand. If P & O Ferries can avoid this, it will give a green light to other exploitative employers.

“It’s the result of the Tory assault on workers’ rights.

“The Labor government will strengthen employee protection, ban fires and reemployment, and ensure that people are safe enough for an honest day’s work.

Protests against dismissal (PA) at P & O offices and terminals across the country

“On Monday, Tory lawmakers must join the Labor Party, ban cruel fires, and vote for permanent reemployment. They must decide which side they are on. – A loyal British worker or a millionaire who is messing up his rights. “

Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of TUC, said:

“Ministers have blamed P & O’s actions for the past few days, and now we have the opportunity to prove that they mean it.

“P & O Ferries and their owner, DP World, have acted shyly. They cannot be off-hook.

“MPs need to send a strong signal tomorrow by supporting the Labor movement. Fraudulent employers need to know that they can’t escape by treating workers like disposable workers. . “

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport said:

“The Minister of Transport has directed an overall investigation of contracts with P & O Ferries and DP World throughout the government. This department has unions, labor to ensure that workers are supported and labeled. We work closely with the Ministry of Pensions and industry groups. The most relevant support.

“We are seriously concerned that their handling may not have followed the correct and legitimate process, and to suspend the changes announced to P & O Ferries and repair the damage caused. I urge you to talk with the workers. “ UK workers force voting to raise workers’ rights following P & O dismissal

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