Ukraine: Diplomatic action must continue with all its might-minutes-English

(ANSA)-Rome, June 3-Diplomatic actions against Ukraine must continue to exert power, Interior Minister Luciana Ramjuse said on Friday.

“Diplomatic activities must be more and more powerful,” she told Skytg24.

“European leaders and our Prime Minister have reached a program to intervene in the European Council at all levels in every way and to ensure that peace develops as quickly as possible in that country.

“Sure, diplomatic activity requires two sides, so it’s not that simple.

“If negotiations find a contact, it must be booked, but they will be able to come out again and speak openly.

“We have to be very careful.”

Lamorgese also said he was concerned about the arrival of more migrants from Italy in North Africa due to the grain crisis caused by the Ukrainian war.

“About 300 million people are at risk of poverty and hunger, and we must inevitably consider increasing the flow of (immigrants) not only in Italy but also in other countries.

“In Cyprus there was an increase of 286%, but in Italy it is over 30% and about 20,000 people have landed since the beginning of this year.

“Unless they manage to get the grain out of the Black Sea harbor, we have to expect a bigger stream.

“We are concerned, like all the first landing nations.

“Surely there will be more.” (ANSA).

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