Ukraine Invasion Day 172: Russian Soldiers Who Fired at Zaporizhia NPP Are Targeted by Ukrainians –

Here are the highlights of the war-related events Ukraine Last 24 hours:

Zelensky: We are targeting Russian soldiers who are firing at captured soldiers Zaporizhia Nuclear power plant

Ukraine Targeting Russian soldiers firing at prisoners of war Zaporizhia Nuclear power plant, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky I warned you. Moscow and Kyiv again denounced the shelling of factories.

Russian troops are shelling the territory Zaporizhia nuclear power plant to blackmail Ukraine And the whole free world announced Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine. “Every day Russian troops remain in plant territory raises the radiation threat to Europe to levels that did not exist even at the peak of the Cold War conflict.“, Zelensky Additions and Emphasis:

Ukrainian diplomats and representatives of our partner countries will do everything to ensure new sanctions against Russia Inevitably block the Russian nuclear industry,” Zelensky said in a traditional address to the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine When Russia blame each other for the recent numerous shellings in Zaporizhia Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. Russian forces occupied the factory early in the war, but it is still run by Ukrainians who say they are threatened by the Russian army and are in very harsh conditions.

The Ukrainian military counteroffensive against the city of Kherson continues. According to British intelligence, Ukrainian forces destroyed his second bridge over the Dnieper. This bridge was used by the Russian army to supply supplies.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces attacked Donetsk and Makayevka, the local pro-Russian administration reported, citing the “Novosti” agency. Data are for his eight projectiles in eastern cities. Ukraineunder Russian control.

At the same time, Chechnya launched a new unit of volunteers trained at the Russian Special Forces University, Ukraine, the head of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, announced on his Telegram channel, as quoted by TASS. Over 10,000 Chechen fighters have taken part in hostilities. Russiathe agency recalls.

ISW: Russia Even a limited Ukrainian attack in Kherson cannot be defended

Ukrainian forces continue to try to cut off Russian land supply lines by attacking the Kakhovka Bridge – the only bridge still usable by the occupiers.

According to a new report from the US War Research Institute (ISW), the Russian military cannot sustain large-scale mechanized operations without reliable landlines in the Kherson region.

It is impractical, if not impossible, to transport ammunition, fuel, and heavy equipment over pontoon bridges and air routes in sufficient quantities for offensive or large-scale defensive operations. If Ukrainian forces succeed in destroying all three of his bridges and preventing Russian forces from resuming the function of any of them for an extended period of time, the Russian forces west of the Dnieper will be replaced by limited Ukrainian forces. may also lose the ability to defend against counterattacks.‘ said the report.

The ISW cites signs of deteriorating supplies to the Russian military, related to disruptions to Russia’s land supply lines.

  • There is a shortage of fuel and ammunition among Russian troops in the western Kherson region.
  • Abandoned Russian vehicle;
  • reduction and cessation of the intensity of Russian ground attacks and artillery fire;
  • Robberies by Russians are likely to increase.
  • Increased reports of supply shortages from Russian soldiers.
  • An increase in the number of Russian prisoners of war taken by the Ukrainian army.
  • Shortage of new heavy equipment delivered to the western part of the Kherson region.

British intelligence previously reported that the Russian occupiers were unable to use two major road bridges to supply groups on the west bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region. As a result, all supplies to thousands of Russian troops depend on two pontoon crossings.

Top Russian terrorist Strelkov detained

Well-known Russian terrorist Igor Gurkin, better known as Strelkov, was detained last night by Russian authorities in Crimea while he was trying to move to the Kherson Front as a volunteer.

The news was first reported by the Telegram channel Operation Z: Russian Spring War Correspondent.

Strelkov has been wanted as a criminal by Kyiv authorities since 2014. He was the commander of an illegal armed group in Donbass that started the war in Ukraine. For this purpose, he received generous funds from the oligarch close to the Kremlin, Konstantin Malofeyev. A former FSB colonel, who was also the Defense Minister for his so-called DPR separatists, is considered the prime suspect in the downing of a Malaysian Boeing 777 that killed 298 people.

But since the war started Ukraine, Girkin-Strelkov spared no criticism of the Kremlin. In his recent video messages, he often talks about the dangers of Russian military generals and Moscow Defense Ministry leaders being fools who lose the war. Russia Decay is very high.

According to preliminary information, Strelkov tried to reach the Kherson Front under a different name, using a passport issued during his service in the special services.

According to Russian sources, the DPR’s former defense minister was not pursuing any political goals.

The only thing he wants is to personally participate as a volunteer in the Russian national liberation war he started.Alexander Zhuchkovsky, who attended the interrogation, said:

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