Ukraine Invasion Day 75: Rockets attack Odesa during a parade in

The highlights of the events related to are: war of Ukraine Last 24 hours:

victory parade: Putin did not declare war upon UkraineBut justified military operations as inevitable

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not officially declared war upon UkraineBut said in a Victory Day speech Russia I have no choice but to continue. “Special operations.. “

“In 2021, we offered to sign a security guarantee agreement. Russia I was willing to compromise, but it was all in vain. They didn’t listen to us. They had a completely different plan, we saw it. As he was ready to attack Donbus, Kieu began to talk about nuclear weapons and the actual absorption of our territory. This was an unacceptable threat right next to our border, and the danger was increasing as the United States and its partners deployed military infrastructure with state-of-the-art weapons.that’s why Russia Only the right decision was made to defend its sovereignty. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States talked about its monopoly and humiliated not only the world but also satellites. (…) This moral decline has become an ironic anti-Russian. (…) American veterans who wanted to come were banned from attending parade, But we are proud of them. We honor all the Allied forces that have defeated militarism and Nazism. “ He said.

He said in a special placeRadicals from Donbus fighting alongside Russian troops for the future of their hometown“And recall”Neo-Nazi barbaric strike in Odesa in 2014. “

In his speech, Putin said, “Special operations“And thank the medical personnel for taking care of the injured on the battlefield.

He said soldiers from Donbus were also in Red Square. “”I remember how terrorist gangs weakened our position and tried to divide us, but nothing happened. Today, militias and soldiers are fighting side by side.This is the strength of Russia And our multinational companyVladimir Putin concludes, calling for a few minutes of silence in memory of the murdered.

victory parade It started when the Kremlin bell rang when the Spaskaya Tower counted down at 10 o’clock.

General Oleg Salykov, Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Russian Federation, has begun a ceremony to commemorate the 77th anniversary of his victory over Hitler Fascism.

He reported to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who stood on the Russian convertible auras, which was screened for the first time last year, and entered Red Square.Shoigu parade Army-Ground Forces, Air Defense, Engineering and Railroad Forces, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces, Space and Missile Forces, Navy, Kosak Society, Cadets-Nakimov and Suvorov, Military School Graduates. The Defense Minister has finished his honorary tour with a report to Russian Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin.

11,000 military personnel participated in the victory parade, Dedicated to the 77th anniversary of Hitler’s victory in Germany.Traditionally, the T-34-85 tank was the first RussiaThis is followed by the T-72B3M, an updated version of the T-72B adopted by the Soviet army in the mid-1980s. After that, the operational tactical complex “Iskander-M”, which was designed to attack various targets with high accuracy at a distance of up to 500 km, appeared.

At the last moment, the Kremlin canceled the aerial part of the Red Square parade. According to Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, the reason is bad weather, as quoted by RIA Novosti. “”This is the time of Moscow now“The Kremlin spokesman for RIA Novosti commented on a photo on the Telegram channel. Shortly before that, Evgeniy Tishkovets, a key employee of the Fovos Meteorological Center, told RIA Novosti about the weather conditions in the aerial part of the victory. parade It will be difficult to do. Cumulus clouds may appear in the collection area behind the cyclone on the morning of May 9.According to preliminary information and flight over Lenin’s Mausoleum, President IL-80, a machine equipped for the head of state of Russia in the case of nuclear weapons. warNamed after the corresponding “Doomsday plane” in the United States, was to fly.

The MiG-29 SMT fighter squadron, which had to be placed in the shape of the letter Z, did not fly over the audience like the script.

The authorities of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic have also been organized. parade Of victory. At the beginning of the Donetsk column was the head of the local state government, Denis Pushilin. Inclusion from Luhansk on national television channels was announced as a direct inclusion from the former Soviet city name Boroshirovgrad.

Four rockets attacked Odessa while Putin was giving a speech on Red Square.

The BBC reported that four rockets had collided with the Ukrainian port city of Odesa shortly after 11:00 am, adding that information had been confirmed.

UNIAN reports that four onyx missiles attacked the Odessa region at 11:05 am. Ukrainian officials say they were fired from the fortress complex on the Crimean Peninsula.

There is still no information about the damage, victims or injuries.

They warn that rocket attacks in the area are likely to continue and call on people to be cautious.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on Victory Day in Moscow’s Red Square, blaming the West. war of UkraineRussian Federation “Special operations“invade Ukraine February 24, 2022

Zelensky: Not allowed Russia Claim a complete victory in the world war II

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Ukraine Not allowed Russia Claim a complete victory in the world war II. He said his country was “one piece“To Russia in that land.”The road is difficult, but there is no doubt that you will win. “ Zelensky said.

[1945年のナチスドイツに対する勝利の記念日を記念する声明の中で、ウクライナのウォロディミルゼレンスキー大統領は、彼の国が新たな勝利のために戦っていて、これに勝つだろうと述べました戦争 ロシアに対して。

「私たちは子供たちの自由のために戦っています。それが私たちが勝つ理由です。私たちは先祖が世界でしたことを決して忘れません。 戦争 II、800万人以上のウクライナ人が殺されました。 ウクライナではまもなく2つの勝利の日があります。 それから勝ちました。 今勝ちます!」、 ゼレンスキー大統領は言って、次のように付け加えた。



「私たちは、反ヒトラー連合の他の国々とともにナチズムを打ち負かした前任者を誇りに思っています。私たちは誰もこの勝利を併合することを許可しません。私たちはそれが流用されることを許可しません。」 彼は言った。

昨夜の別の演説で、ウクライナの大統領は言った ロシア 持っていました “世界の勝者にとって重要だったすべてを忘れました 戦争 II。」 ゼレンスキーは、ウクライナ東部でのロシア軍の激しい砲撃を非難した。 ルハンシク地方の村で60人が死亡した、学校が襲われたとき。 建物は避難所として機能しました。

NATO事務局長のイェンス・ストルテンバーグは、勝利の日を利用して呼びかけています ロシアを終わらせるためののリーダー 戦争ウクライナ すぐに。 彼はドイツの新聞DieWeltに、ウラジーミルプチンは彼の軍隊を ウクライナ 和平交渉を始めましょう。

カナダはより多くの武器を提供します ウクライナ に新しい制裁を課します ロシア

カナダはより多くの武器と装備を ウクライナ、カナダのジャスティン・トルドー首相は、昨日のキーウへの予告なしの訪問の後、BBCが報じた。

ウクライナのウォロディミル・ゼレンスキー大統領との会談後、トルドーは、モスクワのウクライナ侵攻に関連して、カナダがロシアの個人および法的実体に新たな制裁を課すと発表した。 「」本日、私はより多くの軍事援助、ドローンカメラ、衛星画像、小型武器、弾薬、および地雷除去作戦への資金提供を含むその他の支援を発表します。「トルドーは言った。





上の新しい米国の制裁 ロシア -広告および会計用

米国はに対する新たな制裁措置を発表しました ロシア 侵入のため ウクライナ、AP通信が報じた。

制裁措置には、西側のコマーシャルの停止が含まれます ロシアの3つの最大のテレビ局、米国の会計およびコンサルティング会社がロシア人にサービスを提供する能力の禁止、および ロシアの産業部門。

新しい制裁措置は、 ロシアの最も人気のあるテレビチャンネル、チャンネル1、ロシア-1、NTVは、ロシアのウクライナ侵攻に関する誤った情報を広める主要なテレビ局であると米国は主張しています。


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