Ukraine nationalizes local branches of Russian

National Security and Defense Council Ukraine Decided to Nationalization Ukrainian subsidiary company rights Russia Sberbank and Vnesheconombank reported by Ukrainian information site Gordonua.

These are the International Reserve Banks registered with Ukraine100% of authorized capital belongs to Sberbank, 99.8% of Prominvestbank shares Russia State-owned company Vnesheconombank.

In addition to corporate rights Ukraine From Vnesheconombavk to Prominvestbank, from Sberbank to International Reserve Bank, and Russia Bank To a corporation.

The decision also provides for the withdrawal of financial assets such as savings and communications account funds, domestic government bonds and certificates of deposit of the National Bank of Ukraine. All funds are withdrawn from the International Reserve Bank, with the exception of the 3 billion Ukrainian hryvnia used to guarantee depositors’ deposits. (1 hryvnia = 0.64 Bulgarian lev).

According to the annex of the decision Ukraine Has deprived the International Reserve Bank of the right to claim approximately 4.9 billion hryvnia debt, including interest, to the Donetsk Railway.

517 million hryvnia was nationalized from Elektrotyazhmash (Электротяжмаш), the debt of the state-owned company Artem of 205 million hryvnia, and the debt of the Zorya-Mashproekt company of 2.3 billion hryvnia. The amount of liability is displayed without considering the interest determined at the time of asset transfer.

Prominvestbank has withdrawn the interest-bearing debt of 6.7 billion hryvnia on the Ukrainian Railways.

In addition, Sberbank’s right to demand 14.9 billion hryvnia and 900 million hryvnia debt from its Ukrainian subsidiary has been nationalized.This is a Ukrainian subsidiary Russia Bank Nothing is returned in the parent structure.

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