Ukraine: Pope’willing to go to Moscow to meet Putin’-English

(ANSA)-May 3, Rome-Pope Francis said he was ready to go to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin about stopping the war in Ukraine, but after trying to set it up. , I will post a meeting that added that there was no response from the Russian authorities.

“After the 20-day war, I asked (Vatican Secretary of State) Pietro Parolin to receive a message to Putin that I was going to Moscow,” said the Department of Divinities, Corriere della Serra. Told to.

“We don’t have an answer yet, and we’re still trying, but I’m worried that Putin can’t or doesn’t want to hold this meeting at this time.

“But why can’t you stop being so brutal?”

When asked about his final visit to Kieu, he said he didn’t intend to go to the Ukrainian capital so far because he wanted to meet Putin first.

When asked if it is right to supply Ukraine with weapons, he emphasizes that “weapons trading is a scandal and many will not fight it,” he said. He said he didn’t know. (ANSA).

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