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Ukraine ready to ship grain, waiting for start signal, says Zelensky

The Ukrainian president visited a Black Sea port yesterday to show that Ukraine is ready to start exporting grain under a UN-brokered deal aimed at alleviating global food shortages, Kyiv said it was waiting for the signal of its first shipment.
President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has left Kyiv on rare occasions since Russia’s February 24 invasion, has accused Russia’s blockade of the Black Sea from hampering Ukraine’s grain exports and leading to skyrocketing world grain prices.
“We are ready to export Ukrainian grain. said in
He said he believed exports could resume “today or tomorrow”. “It is important that we continue to be guarantors of global food security.
While someone who blockades the Black Sea takes the lives of other states, we will allow them to survive,” he said in a khaki T-shirt, blaming the docked ship, the Polarnet. said in a comment posted alongside a photo of him meeting officials in front of the
Russia and Ukraine are major global suppliers of wheat, and a UN-brokered deal signed in Istanbul last week aims to ease the food crisis and bring down global grain prices, which have risen since the Russian invasion. increase.
The agreement aims to enable the safe passage of grain shipments in and out of Chornomorsk, Odesa and Pivdeny ports.
Moscow accuses Ukraine of stalling shipments by mining in its port waters.
A presidential official said 17 ships were docked in Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, carrying about 600,000 tons of cargo.
Sixteen of them were carrying Ukrainian grain, with gross tonnage of about 580,000 tons.
Ukraine’s Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kublakov told reporters in Odessa that 17 ships trapped by the Russian blockade had already loaded grain and another was currently being loaded.
Kublakov said Chornomorsk and Odessa are ready to start shipping grain and hopes Pivdenny will be ready by the end of the week.
“Today we hope to receive confirmation from the United Nations on the proposed corridor through which ships will navigate through the Black Sea towards the Bosphorus, after which we will be ready to begin.
I hope the first ships will leave our port by the end of this week,” he said.
Kubrakov did not mention the amount of grain to be shipped, nor did he give details of the planned cargo.
“If this initiative works as we expect, and if our Turkey and the United Nations
Partners can ensure that implementation — we are confident that global (cereal) prices will fall,” he said.
Polarnet’s captain, Ahmet Yucel Alibeyler, said loading of 12,000 tonnes of bulk grain has begun and is expected to be completed by noon on Sunday.
“Then, as the lead vessel of the convoy, it will, along with other vessels, begin transit to Turkey through the identified grain corridor,” he said.

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