Ukraine recaptures first village in Luhansk region

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Ukrainian forces have liberated villages in the Luhansk region after they had been out of control for months. A detachment of Ukrainian troops first entered Bilokholivka a few days ago, on September 19, when Luhansk governor Serhiy Haydai announced The village was completely under Ukrainian control. Haidai, on the other hand, warned that the process of liberating the Luhansk region “would not be a quick one” and that “every centimeter of Luhansk land would require an uphill battle.”

Russian media sources confirmed Ukraine’s victory. Several Russian “war correspondents” video I showed Telegram the Ukrainian army in the village. Meduza used her method of geolocation to confirm that the video was shot in her Bilohorivka. However, neither the Ukrainian military nor the Russian Ministry of Defense mentioned the village in their daily reports.

Multiple Ukrainian and Western media outlets have reported that the Luhansk region was previously completely under Russian control, but this is not the case. A small portion of the region was virtually uncontrolled by either side. But it is true that Bilokholivka is the first area to come under Ukrainian control definitively in recent months.

Bilohorivka is small, but its recapture is more than a symbolic victory for Ukraine. Controlling the village gives the Ukrainian military a foothold from which to launch an attack on Lischensk, home to the country’s second largest oil refinery. Ukraine recaptures first village in Luhansk region

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