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Ukraine warns of Russia’s violent attack on Donbus

Russian troops, who have fought a long battle to occupy the last region of the neighboring region of Luhansk, are now focusing on Donetsk as they are trying to control the entire Donetsk region during the 138th day of the conflict. ..

Ukraine says Russian troops are preparing to intensify their fight for the major cities of the Donbus region. (AA)

Monday, July 11, 2022

Upcoming violent attack: Ukrainian army

Russian troops are believed to be planning to launch some of the most violent attacks to date in the Donbus region, Ukrainian troops have warned.

“There are signs that enemy forces are preparing to step up combat operations in the direction of Kramatorsk and Bakumut,” he said, referring to two major cities under Ukrainian control.

Kyiv condemns Russia’s fast-track citizenship for Ukrainians

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned President Vladimirputin’s order to simplify the Russian citizenship process for all Ukrainians.

“The decree mentioned is another infringement of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and is inconsistent with the norms and principles of international law,” the ministry said in a statement.

Leader of a Russian-occupied Ukrainian town killed by a car bomb

An administrator appointed as a Russian in a small Russian-occupied town east of the Kharkiv region of Ukraine was killed by a car bomb presumed to be the work of a Ukrainian saboteur, the occupying authorities in the region. Said.

The military civilian government said Yevgeny Yunakov, Chief Administrative Officer of Velikyi Burluk, was killed by Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups. Russian TASS communication.

Alongside parts of the eastern Kharkiv region, Russian troops also occupied the strips of Kherson and Zaporizhia in southern Ukraine.

Putin urgently pursues Russian citizenship for Ukrainians

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree to quickly track the citizenship of all Ukrainians more than four months before Moscow’s military attack in Ukraine.

The decree mandated that “all citizens of Ukraine” be given “the right to apply for membership in the citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner”.

In May, Putin has already rushed to the citizenship of two regions of Ukraine, the southern region of Kherson, which is almost completely under Russian control, and the southeastern part of Zaporizhia, which is partially controlled by Moscow. is.

Russia, Türkiye Plan Summit will discuss soon: Kremlin

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will meet in the near future after a telephone conversation and after discussing efforts to promote them. Grain exports From Ukraine, the Kremlin said.

The Kremlin did not provide any further details.

Turkey has been a mediator between Moscow and Kieu since Russia sent troops to Ukraine on February 24. The final meeting between Russian and Ukrainian representatives was held in Istanbul at the end of March.

Russian rocket attacks on residential blocks killed 24 people

A Russian rocket attack that struck an apartment in eastern Ukraine over the weekend killed 24 people, and rescue teams were still combing rubble for survivors, state emergency services said.

Officials said nine people were rescued from the ruins of a five-story block in the town of Chasibjar in the Donetsk region, which was attacked late Saturday.

Paramedics said 55 people were helping rescue operations.

Conflict “may last longer than expected”: Dutch Prime Minister of Kyiv

Ukrainian Prime Minister Mark Rutte said in a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv that the conflict in Ukraine could last longer than expected.

“This war can last longer than we all expected or expected, but in the sense that we can sit down and passively see how it unfolds. No. We need to stay focused and support Ukraine in every way, “Rutte said.

Russian bombardment kills 3 people and injures 28 in Kharkiv-Ukraine

Three people were killed and 28 were injured after a Russian bombardment struck the city of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine, according to the regional governor.

Cheong Wa Dae officials said the residential area was attacked when Russia launched rockets from multiple rocket launchers in the city.

Russia says it struck an ammunition depot in the Dnipro region of Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense said the missile attacked an ammunition depot in the central Dnipro region of Ukraine, which was used to supply rocket launchers and artillery weapons.

He also said he had attacked the deployment points of Ukrainian troops and foreign fighters in the Kharkiv region.

Ukraine states that it has regained a village in the occupied Kherson region

Ukrainian troops have regained the village of Ivanifka in the Kherson region occupied by southern Russia, the Ukrainian Infantry Brigade said.

“The only Russian occupiers left in Ivanifka are horrific memories and” dead “military equipment,” he said.

Number of Ukrainians Returning to Prewar Levels to Enter EU-Block Immigration Director

The number of Ukrainians across European Union countries has returned to pre-Russian levels, and more people will come and go before schools begin, senior EU officials for immigrants said. Told.

“As for the refugee flow, the situation is now stable. The intersection between the EU and Ukraine is back at pre-war and pre-covid levels, so it’s back like the number of normal intersections,” Home Irva said. Secretary-General Johansson told reporters.

At this point, about the same number of people were in the EU as they returned to Ukraine, Johansson said he had arrived at a meeting of EU Interior Ministers in Prague.

Despite Russia’s warning, Lithuania expands the curb of Kaliningrad trade

Lithuania has extended restrictions on trade through its territory to the Baltic Sea outskirts of Kaliningrad, Russia, due to the gradual introduction of previously announced European Union sanctions against Moscow against attacks in Ukraine. ..

Additional commodities banned from Monday morning include concrete, wood, alcohol and alcohol-based industrial chemicals, according to a Lithuanian customs spokesperson.

On Monday, the Governor of Kaliningrad proposed to ban the overland movement of goods between Russia and the three EU Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and to use the port of Kaliningrad. did. “This will provide operations to (our) shipping companies and give jobs to the port of Kaliningrad, which has been hit hard by EU regulations,” said Governor Anton Alikhanov.

Russian rocket attack on apartment block kills 18 people: Ukraine

Russian rocket attacks on apartments in eastern Ukraine on weekends have killed 18 people, and rescue teams are still competing to reach survivors in the rubble, rescue teams said.

The rescue team was speaking with two people trapped in the ruins of a five-story block in the town of Chasibjar in the Donetsk region, which was attacked late Saturday.

“As of 08:45 on July 11, 18 people were killed, 6 were rescued from the rubble, and about 137 tonnes of rubble were cleared …”

Ukrainian officials say Russia will attack “absolute terrorism”

Russian missiles attacked Ukraine’s second-largest city, local managers said, describing the attack as “absolute terrorism.”

Kharkiv Governor Oleh Syneihubov said in a telegram that Russian troops had only attacked civilian targets in three missile attacks in northeastern cities.

“Everything (three were fired) is only civilian and this is an absolute terrorist attack!” Said Syneihubov. According to Syneihubov, one of the missiles destroyed the school, the other destroyed the house, and the third landed near the warehouse facility.

EU creates a hub in Moldova to thwart arms trade from Ukraine

Officials said the EU is building a hub in Moldova to combat organized crime, especially arms smuggling from war-torn neighboring Ukraine.

“From the experience of the last war in former Yugoslavia, there is still the problem that firearms are trafficked from there to organized crime groups and violent in the European Union’s criminal network,” said EU Interior Commissioner Ilva Johanson. At the meeting of the Minister of the Interior.

The Commissioner said the hub will be a “one-stop shop” that will allow Europol to share information and help EU border security agency Frontex support border control and detection of firearm smuggling.

Russian bombardment in eastern Ukraine kills at least 15 people

Rescue teams picked up the rubble of an apartment in eastern Ukraine and searched 20 people, including a child who could be trapped after 15 people were killed in a Russian rocket attack on a five-story building.

Andrey Jermac, President’s Chief Assistant to President Volodymyr Zelensky, said the attack in the town of Chasib Ya in the Donetsk region was “another terrorist attack” and Russia should be designated as a national supporter of terrorism. rice field.

Rescue teams used cranes to lift concrete slabs and hands to dig up debris, and the vague residents who survived the attack recovered their personal belongings and told the story of a miraculous escape.

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