Ukraine will get EU candidate status on June

Chairman of Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk

Ukraine candidate For EU Membership on June 24th is today in front of the European Parliament. Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk

“”Ukraine wants to guarantee that it deserves it. Upon receiving this political message, we are ready to work quickly and efficiently to meet our requirements.It is very important for Ukrainians to receive such a strong message from Europe“He told MEP.

“”If this does not happen on June 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin will decide that he can move forward with immunity.“, Stephan Chuk Warning and “The turning point of our victory“.

He called on Russia to put more pressure on it. “”If the war continues, we will probably have to do more. The cost of defeat is much higher.Ukraine writes history with its blood“He added.

Stephan Chuk Thank you to all the Europeans who evacuated Ukrainian refugees. According to him, responsibility must be taken and the perpetrators must be punished and paid for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“”No doubt justice wins,” Said Stephan ChukIts emotional speech was filled with applause from MEP.

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