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Admiral Li Xi-Ming, Taiwan’s former Defense Secretary (Chief of the General Staff), said that if Taiwan had a civilian territorial defense force, the CCP would twice about launching an invasion of the country, citing the example of Ukraine. In an interview with Liberty Times Network Today, October 7th.

Lee, now a senior researcher at the Washington-based Project 2049 Institute, said Russia invaded Ukraine in February and Russian troops in armored vehicles arrived in Kyiv early in the war. However, Ukraine was able to repel these forces with anti-armor weapons. Now, seven months later, the Russian army is demoralized and faces a Ukrainian counterattack.

Li believes that the Russo-Ukrainian War has forced the Taiwanese people to pay more attention to Taiwan’s security, not only because of its asymmetrical combat strength, but also because of its willingness to resist the enemy represented by the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces. He stressed the importance of the effectiveness of

Lee suggested that if Taiwan were to establish a home defense force, the invading communist forces would have to face regular forces and armed militias after landing. It would reduce the likelihood of using military force, Lee said.

Lee made an analogy by saying that if the little guy looks scared, the big guy is more likely to raise his fist. But if the little man doesn’t seem afraid to death of being beaten, the big man might think that even if he wins the fight, he could break his arm or leg. A serious injury could affect his future life, so he would reconsider starting an attack in the first place.

Admiral Li Zhiming served as Chief of the General Staff from 2017 to 2019. Photo: Presidential Office Building.

Referring to his recently published book, Comprehensive Defense Concept: An Asymmetric Approach to Taiwan Defense, Lee said the purpose of his book was to show how to prevent war. In this way, threats can be deterred.

Lee also used the example of Afghanistan, saying that the Afghan government forces were far stronger than the Taliban on paper, but that the Afghan army collapsed as soon as the US troops withdrew. Clearly, will determines success or failure,” said Lee.

Li said that if Taiwan establishes a home defense force, removes the age limit, and allows people to join voluntarily, the government will use small drones, anti-armor rockets, hand grenades, other weapons, and automobiles. concluded that it could be invested and supplied to the militia. When the communist forces land, they will have to fight armed militias everywhere, not just regular defense forces. This would make it more difficult for communist forces to develop effective battle plans. “Will they dare do this?” Lee added that if an armed militia could really be organized, it would be a truly resilient force.

Mr. Li said he had been advocating such an initiative for some time, but was a little disappointed that he had not received any response from the government. If they think his idea is wrong, he said, they should discuss it and offer a better way. Noting that some might say the method would lead to the death of people, Lee said it would not be good for Taiwan to think nothing would happen and do nothing.

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