Ukrainian authorities exhume bodies in Izium cemetery

A body with bound hands was found at a mass grave in Izium after Ukrainian forces recaptured a city in northeastern Ukraine, the regional governor said on Friday (September 16).

“We are at a mass grave of civilians buried here, and according to our information, they all have signs of violent death,” Governor Oleg Sinegbov said at the scene. Stated.

“There is a corpse with hands tied behind it. Each fact will be investigated and assessed properly and legally,” he said.

Earlier, Ukrainian authorities said they had found 440 bodies in a forest area near the city of Izium. They said most of the dead were civilians and the location proved war crimes had been committed by Russian invaders who had occupied the area for months.

Men in white overalls were digging up corpses in a thicket where about 200 makeshift wooden crosses were scattered among the trees. I saw about 20 white corpse bags.

Programmer Serhii Shtanko, a 33-year-old Izium resident, came to the mass grave hoping to find a grave where his neighbor and seven family members were believed to be buried.

“We got the neighbor back with another neighbor. He[the dead neighbor]wasn’t exactly in the basement, but in the switchboard room. All of them, a total of seven people, are likely buried here.

The head of the prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region, Oleksandr Ilyenkov, told Reuters at the scene:

“For others, preliminary information indicates that there are indications of a violent cause of death. However, to establish the facts and circumstances, the remains will be sent to forensic experts for further investigation.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday that many Ukrainians were buried in various locations in the newly recaptured northeast, including whole family members and those who were tortured, after Russia withdrew from near Kyiv months ago. I likened it to what I did.

In an interview at the president’s office, he told Reuters that an internationally backed investigation was underway and that there was evidence of Russian war crimes in those areas.

(Reuters) Ukrainian authorities exhume bodies in Izium cemetery

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