Ukrainian children: creaches increase capacity

Catalina Marcelino, Deputy Director of the Institute for Social Security, said today that the capacity of creaches across the country is increasing to accommodate refugee children.

Signing the first Protocol in Leiria, she states: So I’m going to increase the capacity. “

We chose Leiria to initiate this initiative because Leiria is one of the most sought after areas for the temporary protection of Ukrainian refugees.

As of today, more than 26,000 requests have been granted, and the Ukrainian population of Portugal is twice as large as it was before the Russian invasion.

“We wanted to not only welcome refugees, but also ensure that those who arrived had a roof, food, and someone to help them. From the beginning, social security and ACM. [High Commission for Migrations] We have built a mini network in Japan. This guarantees the answers of 500 people who arrive and have no immediate solution in these collective spaces, “Marcelino added.

She said the next step was to integrate children and adolescents in kindergartens and schools and find a job (for mothers) “to be independent and able to continue living.”

She added that the business community already offers more than 27,000 jobs.

Lusa Ukrainian children: creaches increase capacity

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