Ukrainian inflation and war footprints on Romanian perceptions and actions.Which category of population is easy to migrate?

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After a new wave of rising prices and the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Romanians’ perceptions and behaviors have changed significantly. The last eight months (September 2021 to April 2022) have had a significant impact on Romanians’ attitudes towards their own country, according to a new study conducted by AHA Moments in collaboration with Rethink Romania.

Therefore, Romanian main concern during this period is related to inflation. Because they are most concerned about their daily costs. They act cautiously to survive this period, choose to reduce consumption, look for promotions, and prefer cheaper brands, from commodities to fuels and utilities. At the same time, Romanians believe that quality of life has declined in the last eight months, most affected by people over the age of 55, and middle-income or low-income people.

However, inflation-related concerns are less pronounced in the high-income population of Pareto citizens (the top 20% of Romanian income and those who generate 43% of their annual income). There are two explanations for this fact. One is related to the fact that higher profits are less susceptible to price increases. The second explanation is patient, ambitious, optimistic, considers the problem as a problem that needs to be solved, and is therefore directed towards solving the situations that appear in their lives. Related to people’s profiles. War is also on the list of concerns, but in the meantime people are familiar with the idea and do not consider it a direct threat to Romania, so it is secondary at this time. Concerns about COVID-19 have also decreased. This is probably due to reduced media exposure and deregulation, but also because people have become accustomed to life after the pandemic and the effects of this wave.

Romania, an increasingly attractive country for its inhabitants

The events of the past few months have had a great impact on Romanians’ attitude towards their own country. They do not recommend it to others as a country of residence, but they themselves are not sure if they should stay here. A NPS score of -32 explains that the user experience is inadequate if Romania is the service provider.

In just a few months compared to the end of 2021, the population looks more pessimistic and loses some confidence in Romania’s potential. Therefore, recent events (especially inflation, war, the effects of COVID-19) have affected the mood of Romanians. As a result, the percentage of people who are confident that they will not move in the next period has decreased from 54% in September 2021 to 47% in April 2022. The younger the general public, the more likely they are to migrate. It reaches the maximum in the group of 18 to 24 years old. By 2022, 14% of them will probably want to relocate.

“”From September 2021 to April 2022, things changed a lot. And it doesn’t surprise us. I know how turbulent the start of this year was. Romanians’ main concern is related to inflation, and they are planning their ideas as a solution – reduce consumption and look for cheaper promotions and brands. Inflation is an immediate reality that Romanians feel every day at the price of consumer goods, fuel, or energy, unlike wars that do not directly affect Romania and pandemics that are perceived to be virtually over.“, Said Mihai Bârsan, a member of Rethink Romania.

“This new episode of research carried out by the AHA Moment and Romania’s reconsideration should be a warning to all who care about the future of the country. Romania’s perceptions have changed dramatically, only eight months. So Romania has become an unattractive country for its inhabitants, and the idea of ​​immigrants has been taken into account since last September, and those who want to stay in Romania are now less confident, but most worried. The first thing is that the first to leave are young people between the ages of 18 and 24. Therefore, the mission to rethink Romania is even more urgent. Our country will be a citizen from the business environment for the next 30 years. We need a clear project that actively engages all the energy and creativity of the country, from society to professionals to academia. “Dragoș Anastasiu, President of Rethink Romania, said. Ukrainian inflation and war footprints on Romanian perceptions and actions.Which category of population is easy to migrate?

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