Ukrainian Kherson will be “liberated” from Russia by September – official

Ukrainian officials said Sunday that the southern region of Kherson, which had fallen into Russian troops early in the February invasion, would be retaken by Kieu’s troops by September.

“The Kherson region will definitely be released by September and all occupier plans will fail,” he said in an interview with Ukrainian television.

Bolded by the delivery of long-range artillery supplied from the West, Ukrainian troops have regained territory in the southern region of Kherson in recent weeks.

“It’s a turning point on the battlefield, and we can see that the Ukrainian army has dominated recent military operations,” Khlan said.

“We can see that our army is openly advancing. We can say that we are switching from defensive action to counterattack action,” he added.

He said Ukrainian strikes on two major bridges in the region, and attacks on Russia’s arsenal and command post, were part of the preparatory work for a ground attack.

“Now the key issue is to make more accurate bombardments on the front lines to knock out the orcs (Russians) from their current position.”

He added that Russian troops had not repaired the damaged Antonifka Bridge and were experiencing difficulties as a result of moving heavy weapons to the city of Kherson.

On March 3, Russian troops occupied a major city in the region, also known as Kherson. This was the first major city to collapse since the start of Moscow’s military operations in Ukraine in late February.

This region, which is important for Ukrainian agriculture, is next to the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014. Ukrainian Kherson will be “liberated” from Russia by September – official

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