Ukrainian President: Russia has become a “terrorist” nation

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of becoming a “terrorist” nation carrying out “daily terrorist acts” and urged Russia to be expelled from the United Nations on Tuesday.

In a de facto speech to the UN Security Council, Zelensky urged the United Nations to investigate “Russian occupiers’ actions on Ukrainian soil” and establish an international court to hold the country accountable. ..

“Russia needs to do everything urgently to stop the murder,” Zelensky said, otherwise Russia’s “terrorist activity” would spread to other European countries and Asia, the Baltic states, Poland, Moldova warned that he would pick out Kazakhstan.

“What is punished at the level of a particular criminal or criminal organization must not be punished at the level of a terrorist state,” he said. “Daily terrorist acts. No holidays. They work as terrorists every day.”

Zelenskyy quoted Article 6 of the Charter of the United Nations in encouraging Russia’s expulsion of 193 member states from the United Nations. It may be expelled from the organization by the General Assembly on the basis of it. ” Of the Security Council. “

However, the expulsion of Russia is virtually impossible. That is because, as a permanent member of the Security Council, Russia can use its veto power to thwart attempts to expel it.

Ukraine calls the council after a surge in Russia’s recent attacks, including a heavy airstrike on Monday in a crowded shopping mall in the central city of Kremenchuk, Zelensky kills at least 18 people and injures 30 He said he had. “Dozens of people are missing,” he said, and body debris, including limbs, was found, adding that unfortunately there could be more casualties.

Ukrainian leaders have listed recent Russian attacks and have begun speeches with many names and ages of the victims. He called for a quiet compliment to 15 members of the Security Council and other members of the conference room to commemorate the “tens of thousands” of Ukrainian children and adults killed in the war. Finished.

All members have risen, including Russia’s UN ambassador Dmitry Polyansky.

When he later spoke, Polyansky protested giving Zelensky a second opportunity to address the Security Council. This is the decision of the Albanians who will chair the board this month.

A Russian envoy said the Ukrainian President’s video speech violated the council’s tradition and existing practice of stating that leaders who wanted to talk to the council had to be in the meeting room.

“The UN Security Council should not be transformed into a platform for remote PR campaigns from President Zelensky to get more weapons from NATO summit participants starting Wednesday in Madrid,” said Polyansky. Said.

He claimed that there was no Russian attack at the Kremenchuk shopping center, and Russian precision weapons attacked the hangers of the Kremenchuk Road Machinery Factory with weapons and ammunition from the United States and Europe directed at Ukrainian troops in eastern Donbus. Said.

The shopping center was a bit far away, but the ammunition explosion “broke out a fire that spread to the shopping center,” Polyansky said.

A Russian envoy told Western countries that by supplying Ukraine with weapons, Ukrainian leaders were extending the time to “take a seat in negotiations in a realistic position rather than a slogan.”

“We have launched a special military operation to stop Ukraine’s bombardment of Donbus, and for the country’s territory and its nationalist leadership, which has turned anti-Russian at the request of many Western nations. We will stop threatening the inhabitants of Russia and the south and southeast of Ukraine, “he said. “And our business will continue until those goals are achieved.”

United Nations Ambassador to the United Nations Barbara Woodward argued that Russia “can argue that nothing is true and can make exorbitant claims about Ukraine’s provocation,” but denies Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It is a fact that cannot be done.

“There is one invader here,” she said. “Evidence catches up with them and is accountable for these crimes.”

China’s ambassador to China, Chang Jun, who is a close ally of Russia, called the conflict a “geopolitical crisis” with multifaceted ripple effects, and the international community cooperated to early hostile peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. He called for the creation of conditions to end the act. ..

“Using the world economy as a weapon and forcibly supporting other countries will artificially divide the international community and further reduce the security of the world,” Zhang warned. “Delaying and disrupting diplomatic negotiations for geopolitical purposes only intensifies conflicts and adds fuel to the fire to expand conflicts. Inevitably, it will hurt ourselves. increase.”

U.S. Deputy Ambassador Richard Mills, like many other Western ambassadors, accused Russia of destroying shopping centers, and the attack said that “Russian troops would kill Ukrainian citizens and destroy civilian infrastructure. It fits into a cruel pattern. “

He emphasized that there is ample publicly available evidence that “Russia, and only Russia” is the cause of this and other attacks. Ukrainian President: Russia has become a “terrorist” nation

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