Ukrainian tech wants to move business to

“”We already have a registered interest Ukrainian Corporate Aim for their relocation business To Bulgaria“Bugdan Bogdanov, director of the Bulgarian Investment Authority (BIA), told BNR.

Today he is participating in a joint webinar with Ukrainian chamber of commerce.

“”There are both business Have a presence here and aim to expand their activities, and Corporate IT business that opens an office in Japan and transfers some employees“Bogdanov explained.

Some of the people who were interested were in the manufacturing industry CorporateHe said.

“”They aim to transfer their production-we have a fertilizer company, we have a company in the packaging production department, Corporate Related to trade and logistics“Bogdanov added.

He noted that the IBA is in contact with municipalities with higher-than-national unemployment rates to provide. Ukrainian Corporate A specific job with a workforce that can be included.

According to him, the partnership between Bulgarian and Bulgarian Ukrainian Corporate Will increase exports of materials and services.

“”This war is not eternal and at some point gives the Bulgarians an opportunity CorporateCurrently building these partnerships, allowing them to be exported to Ukraine in the future, and participating in the reconstruction of Ukraine“Bogdanov explained.

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