Ukrainian War Updates: Russia Withdraws from Snake Island, But Benefits In Donbus

Momentum shifted in favor of Ukrainian Russian troops and occupied the city of Severodonetsk this week, but more civilian casualties exploded anger internationally.

On the ground

Russia withdrew from Snake Island, outpost First day of aggressionaccording to Reuters.. The Black Sea islands are strategically important and essential to protect grain transport to Ukraine.

Russia claims to have withdrawn from the island as a “good faith gesture” to establish a corridor for food imports and humanitarian aid. Andrey Jermac, Chief of Staff of President Volodymyr Zelensky, argued that the victory was due to a cannon and an overnight airstrike.

Russian army Always bombard Lysychansik, Severodonetsk, in a city on the other side of the Donets River, was captured this week after a draw battle.The city on the hill is slowly surrounded by many Russian vehicles and troops Continuous effort Occupy the Donbus area.

Airstrikes at the mall were blamed

French President Emmanuel Macron blamed airstrikes in crowded shopping centers and called the act a “war crime.” Associated Press.. Zelensky spoke with the UN Security Council and called for a court to investigate crimes against civilians. Russia has denied targeting civilians.

In March, the bombing of the Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theater in Mariupol killed more than 600 civilians. AP.. Many other cases of civilian casualties have been reported, including bombing. Maternity hospital And missile attacks Crowded station..

International relations

Ukraine cut off relations with Syria on Thursday, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. The Syrian government has decided to grant sovereignty to the “occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine”.

In a press release from Syria Ministry of Foreign AffairsIt will reach out to governments in both regions to “agree on a framework for strengthening relations.”

The United States has announced an increase in its presence in Europe, including the Spanish Navy destroyer, two British jet squadrons, and “Poland’s Permanent Headquarters for the US Fifth Army.” NPR..

https://www./u-s-world/2022/6/30/23189718/ukraine-war-update-russia-withdraws-from-snake-island-but-gains-in-donbas-region-un-syria-lysychansk Ukrainian War Updates: Russia Withdraws from Snake Island, But Benefits In Donbus

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