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UN Food Program suspends operations in Sudan after looting

Armed groups plundered a warehouse in northern Darfur last week and stole 5,000 tonnes of food in a “tremendous retreat” to one of the world’s poorest countries, the World Food Program said.

The UN food agency’s move to quit its job is at a difficult time for poverty-stricken African countries, which are currently witnessing deadly protests against military domination. (Reuters)

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) has ceased operations throughout Sudan’s northern Darfur state following a recent warehouse attack. This decision is expected to affect approximately 2 million locals.

A statement released by the United Nations Food Agency on Thursday said all three warehouses in the area were attacked and looted. According to the group, more than 5,000 metric tons of food were stolen.

Earlier this week, WFP said an unidentified armed group had attacked one of its warehouses in Elfasher, the capital of northern Darfur. In response, the local government has imposed a curfew on the entire state.

However, the attack continued until early Thursday, the statement said. Hundreds of predators have also demolished the warehouse structure, WFP added.

“This theft has robbed nearly two million people of the food and nutritional support they really need,” said David Beasley, Managing Director of WFP.

“This is not only a major setback in business across the country, but it also puts staff at risk and the ability to meet the needs of the most vulnerable families.”

Authorities said aid could not be diverted to warehouses plundered from other parts of the East African country without compromising the needs of vulnerable Sudanese living outside the state.

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Suspect was arrested

According to WFP, Sudan is one of the poorest counties in the world, with approximately 11 million people in need of food security and livelihood support in 2022.

Authorities urged Sudanese authorities to recover the looted resources and ensure the safety and security of WFP’s activities in northern Darfur.

On Thursday, state news agencies reported that a number of suspects were arrested at El Fisher after seeing a truck loaded with groceries and a cart pulled by animals allegedly stolen from a WFP warehouse. rice field. SUNA News Agency does not say how many people were arrested.

The WFP decision is in the midst of political turmoil following the October military coup. According to a group of doctors, four people were killed in protests against the coup when security forces fired tear gas and live ammunition on Thursday to disperse thousands of protesters.

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Source: AP

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