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UN inspectors move to Ukraine nuclear power plant in conflict zone

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba has called on the EU to ban Russian tourists as the fighting enters its 189th day, as a majority of Russians support the country’s ‘genocidal war’ against Kyiv, He said the measure was appropriate.

The power plant was seized by Russian forces and has been run by Ukrainian workers since the beginning of the war six months ago. (Reuters)

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

UN inspectors move to Ukraine nuclear power plant in conflict zone

A convoy of jeeps carrying UN nuclear inspectors traverses Ukraine to the Russian-held Zaporizhia power plant, helping to secure the facility in the middle of a conflict zone and avoid a nuclear catastrophe. I had hopes for the world.

“We are going to war zones. International Atomic Energy Agency Director Rafael Grossi said Wednesday of the UN’s nuclear watchdog’s unprecedented mission.

Meanwhile, local authorities in Russian-backed Zaporizhia claimed that Ukrainian forces had shelled plant territory and the nearby town of Enerhodar overnight.

Ukraine’s Kleva asks EU to ban Russian tourists

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleva has called on the European Union to ban Russian tourists from entering the country, saying the move was appropriate as a majority of Russians supported Ukraine’s “genocidal war” against Kyiv. Stated.

“The time has passed for half-measures,” Kuleba told Reuters news agency when European Union foreign ministers were scheduled to meet for a second day in Prague on Wednesday. “Only tough and consistent policies can produce results.”

He also suggested starting a special program for Russian soldiers who no longer want to fight in Ukraine.

Russia says Germany is trying to destroy bilateral energy ties

Russia says the German government is doing everything it can to destroy its energy ties with Moscow hours after state-owned Gazprom cut off gas supplies to Europe via the critical Nordstream 1 pipeline. Stated.

At a press conference in Moscow, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday that it was Germany, not the Kremlin, that was seeking to completely cut energy ties between the two countries.

Gazprom has suspended gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline due to a maintenance outage that Gazprom said will run until 0100 GMT in September.

Gazprom halts gas flow in pipelines on new European unrest

Russian energy giant Gazprom has cut gas supplies to Germany via its Nord Stream 1 pipeline for maintenance work, adding to tensions in an already strained power market.

Three days of work at the compressor station is “necessary”, Gazprom said, adding that it should be carried out “every 1,000 hours of operation”.

But Klaus Müller, head of Germany’s Federal Network Agency, said it was a “technically incomprehensible” decision and warned that it was likely just a pretext for Russia to use its energy supply as a threat. did.

Experience shows that Moscow “makes political decisions at every so-called maintenance,” he said, adding that “only early September will tell if Russia will do so again.” .

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