UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has expressed concern about the recruitment of children by India’s “armed groups”

United Nations, July 12: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in the conflict situation in India “54 serious violations of 49 children” in Kashmir in 2021.

In a report on children and armed conflict released on Monday, 33 boys were detained by Kashmir security forces on suspicion of a relationship with an “armed group” (a terrorist organization’s apocalypse) or for national security reasons. Claimed to have been done. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calls for the end of violence resulting from Indian religious differences.

Security forces reportedly killed five children and injured 29, 19 of whom were injured by pellets used by the Central Auxiliary Police. Four children were victims of the “unidentified perpetrator”, seven in a shootout between the “armed group and the unidentified perpetrator”, and four in a shootout and artillery across the control line. Was sacrificed.

Two teachers were reportedly killed by terrorists in Srinagar. Guterres, Special Representative for Children in the Armed Conflict of Birhinia Gamba, showed the global situation: “More than 19,100 children in 2021 serious violations in the situation of 21 countries and regions we monitored. Has caused victims. “

“The establishment of the Jammu & Kashmir Commission for improving access to and protecting child protection legal and administrative frameworks and child protection services in Chatisgar, Assam, Jharkhand, Orissa and Jammu & Kashmir. We welcomed the progress. ” Children’s rights. “

“However”. “We continue to be concerned about the risk of conscription of children by armed groups in the affected areas,” he added. Guterres said India could be excluded from the classification as a concern in his report due to the increased cooperation between India and the United Nations.

He cited the interactions between Gamba and the Government of India, including an inter-ministerial meeting in November and the appointment of national focal points to strengthen the protection of children.

He added that he welcomed the agreement of this year’s technical level meeting with the United Nations “to identify areas of enhanced cooperation for child protection.”

The report cites Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Israel, the Palestinian Territory, Somalia, Syria and Yemen as areas where most of the serious violations have occurred.

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