UN: War Crimes Committed in Ukraine During Conflict With Russia –

war crimes committed Ukraine in dispute with Russia”. this is, united nations Investigate the situation.

Speaking to the Geneva-based Human Rights Council, Eric Moses, who heads the commission, explained that the evidence gathered supports that conclusion.

didn’t specify who was behind the crime, but his words drew attention Russia Since it is related to the domain of Ukraine In the first months of the war, Russian troops occupied – Kyiv, Chernihiv, parts of the Sumy region, and the area of ​​​​Kharkov, where Moscow troops withdrew after a quick Ukrainian counterattack.

A few days ago, the Czech Republic entered another war crimes Ukrainian court.

Crimes listed by the commission include rape, torture and mass executions of minors. Moses added that he would conduct a full investigation into allegations of mass deportation and forced adoption, including through so-called filtration centres.

At a meeting of the Human Rights Council, representatives of the United States called for and carried out an investigation into the deportation of between 900,000 and 1.6 million Ukrainians.”According to multiple sources“For the past seven months.

Ukraine support the understanding that many are in the East Ukraine kidnapped and taken Russia against their will. Moscow speaks only of refugees from conflicts. Statistics from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees provide data for only 2.2 million refugees.

The conclusions are based on visits to 27 locations by a commission established in March. Ukraine Interviews with over 150 victims and witnesses. According to Moses, in the areas he visited, his body was found with his hands bound, his throat slit, and a bullet wound to the head. Victims of sexual violence from age 4 to his 82 have also been identified.

Moses linked many of the crimes to the Russian military, but identified that two incidents of mistreatment of Russian soldiers by Ukrainian forces were also investigated.

Testimonies of those captured by the Russians also describe beatings, the use of electric shocks, and forced detainees to be naked.

The number of executions in the areas we visited shocked us.The commission is currently investigating such deaths in 16 districts‘ said the chairman. united nations Committee war crimes of Ukraine

Reuters is united nations The Human Rights Council is sometimes used in national and international courts, as in the case of a former Syrian intelligence officer jailed for state-sponsored torture in Germany in January.

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