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Undersea Expo 2022 set to return “face-to-face” Next

Opening on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, Subsea Expo 2022 will send a strong signal that life and business are beginning to return to normal, with more than 3,000 representatives and more than 100 exhibitors from around the world.

Hosted by the Global Underwater Hub (GUH) and held at P & J Live in Aberdeen from February 22nd to 24th, 2022, the event will follow the theme of “Oceans of Opportunity” and will be the focus and awareness of the UK underwater. Focus on improvement. The engineering industry can take advantage of underwater opportunities in the global blue economy, set to grow from £ 50bn to £ 140bn by 2035.

As a new strategic intelligence-led organization, GUH promotes collaboration between sectors, and the event explores how all sectors of the underwater industry can share ideas and innovations and how they can work together. It states that it will provide a platform for.

This is highlighted by the opening plenary session at the Undersea Expo. This session will be attended by experts from the offshore energy, defense, marine renewable energy and aquaculture sectors to highlight opportunities in these fast-growing markets and how the industry can leverage them.

In the course of the conference, presenters from various disciplines will also cover key industry topics such as underwater technology for energy conversion, autonomous solutions, marine science and sustainability.

The oil and gas sector remains the largest market for the underwater community, but offshore wind is the second closest and one of the ever-increasing demands for underwater skills, expertise and technology. Many skills and technologies are highly transferable, but there are also areas that require greater innovation.

One such field is robotics. Therefore, on the second day of the Undersea Expo, the conference will host a session dedicated to offshore robotics for offshore wind energy.

Existing equipment traditionally used for oil and gas has limitations in dealing with the high currents prevailing in many areas where offshore wind farms are being built or are being built.

Before the wind farm is built, ROVs are used for pre-installation archaeological studies and to locate unexploded ordnance. During the installation of wind turbines, ROVs are used for landing monitoring, installation support and surveying work. All of these activities can be significantly hampered by the ROV’s ability to navigate sea conditions.

A typical oil and gas 250 horsepower working class ROV has a water flow working limit of about 2 knots, an observed ROV manages about 1 knot and a current of 3 or 4 knots (common in offshore wind farms). Do work that can significantly reduce capacity and thus increase costs.

Image courtesy of Subsea Expo 2022

Mark Collins, Director of Business Development at SMD Ltd, an undersea engineering services company, will be attending Subsea Expo 2022. He introduces a new robot optimized for offshore wind that is designed to reduce the risk and cost of installation contractors. He states: “Installation efficiency is determined by the availability of the vessel, which is often based on the ROV’s ability to move into the water. I recently estimated whether the ROV could handle 1.4 knots at sea. I talked to the wind manager and the availability of the vessel is 22%. But if the ROV can handle 2.5 knots, the availability of the vessel will increase to 60%. This is a big leap. “

Collins’ presentation will focus on SMD’s Atom EVRO V. It balances advanced control with a powerful electric propulsion system and manages the situation better than traditional hydraulic ROVs or small electric ROVs.

An important element of the Atom EV is the symmetrical thrust profile. This means that it can operate in any direction with respect to the current. ROVs operate effectively with currents up to 3 knots, opening up ship operability, increasing efficiency and reducing operator costs.

Margins in the offshore wind sector are significantly tighter than oil and gas, putting pressure on suppliers to increase efficiency. This will increase the demand for improved robotic technology and operations on the horizon that will allow machines to operate from land locations, reducing the risk and cost of deploying crew members at sea.

Collins said: These three pillars will support the success of the supply chain that will function in offshore wind power in the future. “

We confirm that the UK’s underwater industry is in a position to take advantage of the opportunities posed by the energy transition and that the main driving force behind last year’s transition to GUH on the seabed was the blue economy. An organization focused on new strategies aims to transform the industry, accelerate the transition to Net Zero, and create new jobs and exports.

Neil Gordon, Chief Executive Officer of GUH, said: Now that the organization is fully functional, it supports companies participating in submarine expositions with market intelligence and insight to help them make the right decisions about business growth...

“As a new organization with more resources, we will be able to support more underwater businesses by chasing the opportunities of the’blue economy’,” Gordon said.

“Working with the industry, GUH will achieve significant export growth, attract new inward investment, promote collaboration and innovation between sectors, develop solutions to underwater challenges and gain a competitive advantage. Develop skills and capabilities to promote and support new and existing UK underwater growth. Business. ”

It also provides access to the world’s largest cross-sectoral underwater community and accelerates business growth in the UK underwater industry by providing commercial-led market intelligence, expertise, contacts and expert support. , Build value.

The Undersea Expo 2022 will be held two years after more than 6,600 representatives attended the previous event. It is one of the largest attendees in the event’s 15-year history.

According to Gordon, the event will occur at a crucial time for the industry to prepare for a post-pandemic life.

“Subsea Expo2022 provides a platform for industries to come together directly, share ideas and expertise, showcase new technologies, and engage with each other for a very exciting time for the industry. We have facilitated meaningful industry discussions, valuable connections, and collaboration between sectors. These are more needed than ever.
“The way we work and do business in the last two years may have changed, but that doesn’t mean things are stationary,” he said. “Underwater companies continue to innovate, demonstrating their expertise by developing world-leading technologies and honing new skills to maintain the UK industry’s position as a global leader. The pace of energy shifts is accelerating dramatically, with most underwater companies playing an important role on the road to net zero. “

Admission to exhibitions and conferences is free. Pre-registration from the website is recommended – www.subseaexpo.com..

Image courtesy of Subsea Expo 2022

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