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Undersea Expo focuses on $ 3 trillion opportunities

One of the first major UK industrial events since the coronavirus pandemic began was how the UK submarine sector emerged in a world of new opportunities after a hibernation period by Covid on Tuesday morning. I heard.

Speech at Aberdeen’s Undersea Expo, Neil GordonThe event’s organizer, the CEO of the newly established Global Underwater Hub (GUH), will be in the blue economy that the UK’s undersea industry may target, including defense, aquaculture and offshore renewable energy opportunities. By 2030, said there was a global opportunity of US $ 3 trillion. ..

For many on the showfloor, who lacked traditional Tier 1 companies, the last two years have been an extension of the 2014-15 recession thanks to a pandemic.

Coronavirus restrictions meant that in addition to reducing upstream spending, many companies needed to shrink, diversify, or change their business models. Technology development programs, on the other hand, are lagging behind due to supply chain challenges with components such as hard-to-find or significantly increasing electric ROVs. At cost.

Global Underwater Hub CEO Neil Gordon provides images of Global Underwater HubBut challenges also create opportunities, meaning that things like defense organizations are more open to innovation.

Backward Admiral Paul Halton OBE – The Royal Navy’s Submarine Assistance Director, Defense Department’s Submarine Delivery Department, said in a plenary session of the event that there was a major shift in the approach to innovation in defense operations as a whole, and that innovation in the underwater industry was a key part of it. A little over two years ago, no one knew what would happen with Covid, “he said.

“There have been many tragedy, but we are very confident in the way the Royal Navy has adapted, in ways we never thought of, and just a few years ago in how we provide maintenance and support for submarines. You can take advantage of innovations that you thought were out of reach.
“In 2016, through unmanned aerial vehicle exercises, the industry got together and showed us what’s possible, in which we’re starting to see some really exciting development roots in the Royal Navy (now). I saw it, “he says.

“In my world of submarine maintenance, we’re really starting to see how some of the innovative solutions can improve submarine maintenance. We’ve only been done in docks so far. From heavy industry that wasn’t there to surveys of hulls and internal tanks, some are done with divers and some with ROVs, as we could do more in that space. Understanding the physical state of the submarine’s structure allows us to plan it much more efficiently when the submarine comes for maintenance. “

Aker diversification

Just as the Royal Navy had already begun investigating unmanned spacecraft ahead of Covid, Sian Lloyd-ReesAker Solutions, previously led by the UK, has already begun valuing its pre-Covid business as a result of the oil and gas downturn, said the managing director of Aker Offshore Wind in the UK. “Non-essential oil and gas activity has () been suspended,” she says. “Our business has been declining for several years.”

It has led to looking at other areas like offshore wind, but it has also changed the business model, she says.

There are many possibilities in areas other than oil and gas, but there are also challenges.

Hamish McDonnell, Director of Strategic Engagement, Salmon Scotland is calling for Scotland’s policy changes to support the growth of the salmon sector. “It costs the same as Norway to produce a kilogram of salmon in the UK,” he says. UK salmon farming was 10% of the world market, but now it is 6%, but if this trend continues, it will drop to 2-3%. This is because the global market is growing 8% compared to 1.4% in the UK.
Recent reports have made many recommendations to turn this trend around, saying that the industry can grow, “open salmon farming in Scotland” and unleash “substantial growth”. Says.

“Not only the basic growth of fish farms, but where they are and the opportunities to open them-at a more exposed, high-energy site in the deep sea where skills such as oil, gas, defense and renewable energy are demonstrated. Larger farms I think it will revolutionize in the next few years. “

Richard ArnoldThe head of policy for the Marine Energy Council, formed in 2018, represented tidal currents and wave energy, and also noted the need for government policy support to enable the growth of the sector.
According to Gordon, other major opportunities can also pose challenges for players in the underwater industry to quantify. “Carbon capture, utilization, storage (CCUS) and hydrogen are now areas of real opportunity, but how big and when do they offer opportunities?” He said.

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