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Unemployment to stay above pre-Covid levels until 2023

The International Labor Organization of the United Nations has revised its previous forecasts on global employment recovery from a pandemic.

Condemning the effects of Covid-19 variants such as Delta and Omicron and predicting a significant shortage of working hours in 2022 compared to before the virus emerged (Reuters Archive)

According to the United Nations, the Covid-19 crisis continues to hurt the world and warns that employment levels can take years to reach pre-pandemic levels.

and New research United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) announced on Monday Correct previous forecast The global job market will recover almost completely from the virus this year.

At a UN press conference, ILO Secretary Guy Ryder said he estimated unemployment to be 207 million this year, compared to 186 million in 2019.

“The inequality and unequal policy response to Covid-19 was a constant concern led by the ILO,” Ryder called for “international cooperation.”

Condemning the effects of Covid-19 variants such as Delta and Omicron and the uncertainty about how the pandemic progresses, the ILO is now working in 2022 compared to before the virus emerged. Predicts a serious shortage.

The report predicts that global working hours will be 2% less than what was seen in 2019, and that the world is less than the equivalent of about 52 million jobs.

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“Massive retirement”

Ryder said there seem to be many factors driving the so-called “mass layoffs” found in some countries, and the crisis clearly “has a significant number of people in the workforce rethinking their employment.” I added.

In the meantime, according to the report, changes in the way we work seem to deepen various forms of inequality, including exacerbating gender inequality.

It was clear from the beginning that pandemics had a disproportionate effect on women. Females dominate the additional care work and often work in areas that have been hit, such as service and travel.

“There are concerns that the long-term effects of Covid on gender in the workplace may be negative,” Rider said.

According to the report, changes such as increased reliance on informal self-employment, increased telecommuting, and changing trends in temporary work “at risk of compromising the quality of working conditions.”

“Without coordinated and effective international and domestic policies, it is likely that many countries will take years to repair this damage,” the ILO chief warned.

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