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Union min in the hijab row

Hubli: Pralhad Joshi, a coalition minister of parliamentary affairs and mining, said on Friday that people who come to schools and colleges to get female students to put on and take off hijabs in the classroom should be arrested.

The hijab issue is currently in court. When the court confiscated the matter, a turmoil was triggered. “Whenever provisional orders regarding the wearing of hijab and the permission of religious symbols are not followed, the rules should be strictly enforced,” said Joshi.

Whatever the court’s final decision, whether or not it is in favor of wearing a hijab, until then you must follow the court’s order. Regardless of the court order, he said it was a mistake to say that the hijab would be worn in the classroom.

Only students and teachers must be allowed to enter the university campus. Don’t entertain outsiders. He said the government should act mercilessly if someone is causing the problem.

The hijab line has been created unnecessarily. The action has already started. The court is investigating this issue in detail. This behavior of off-university violent people, which undermines the academic atmosphere, must be dealt with, he said.

In a parliamentary comment on Dana, Joshi commented that it was their job, let them congratulate them on implementing Dana in the coming years. This is a big situation. People are getting out of Covid’s shock. At this point, Congress has not addressed the issue of voting bank politics.

https://www.siasat.com/arrest-those-creating-ruckus-in-schools-colleges-union-min-on-hijab-row-2278200/ Union min in the hijab row

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