Unions not satisfied with the state of workers’ rights

Ljubljana / Ravnena Koroschem – Slovenian trade unionists emphasized the lasting issue of exercising workers’ rights as they pledged in their Worker’s Day speech that the fight for rights was not over yet. bottom.

“When profit, value, and competitiveness aren’t everything, but humans, or workers, are the focus, we’re far from ideal,” Lidija Jerkič, chairman of the ZSSS Trade Union Association, said in a speech. At Ravnena Koroškem.

She said the ideal was “a decent life, a decent youth, old age” and “we must refocus this world on humans, not capital.”

Jerkič also emphasized many small achievements that led to the rights of workers at the current level, noting that workers of the current generation need to work to maintain these rights for the next generation. bottom.

Anna Cermeli, Secretary-General of the Trade Union for Small Crafts and Small Businesses, made a more specific request when addressing a public ceremony at the Presidential Residence.

According to her, the new government needs to urgently address occupational diseases and inequality between private and public sector workers, with the former likely to have lower pensions and savings due to differences in salaries and pension insurance.

“There are no first-class and second-class workers. We need to treat people equally,” she said.

The government has been sharply criticized by the union for the past two years for ignoring social dialogue and passing the bill in bulk without consulting stakeholders.

President Borut Pahor said in a speech today that the new government and trade unions must “regain confidence in dialogue” and work together to resolve the most pressing issues relevant to all citizens. ..

He said the formation of a new government was a good moment to truly understand the importance of social dialogue.

Prime Minister Janez Janša did not mention social dialogue in a written statement issued by his office.

“Many things have been done and I am proud that the country is in good condition today,” he said. Unions not satisfied with the state of workers’ rights

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