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United Arab Emirates-Bahrain Nanosatellite Light-1 launched from the International Space Station

United Arab Emirates-Bahrain Light-1CubeSat was launched into orbit from the International Space Station in collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

The Light-1 CubeSat is the region’s first scientific mission to monitor and study thunderstorms and ground gamma-ray flashes (TGFs) from lightning. JAXA has coordinated the launch from Japan’s Tsukuba Space Center (TKSC). The data collected from nanosatellite will be shared with research centers around the world.

NanoSatellite is a collaborative effort between the UAE Space Agency, the National Space Science Agency in Bahrain, the Harifa University of Science and Technology, and New York University (NYU) in Abu Dhabi.

The team that worked on the design and development of the Light-1 bus consisted of 22 college students from Khalifa University, 9 of whom were Baharainis, 10 of whom were Emiratis, 3 of whom were international students, and Dr. Yafsat Space Lab’s manager. I am receiving advice from Firas Jarrar.

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Meanwhile, the NYU Abu Dhabi team, consisting of five Emirati students and five international students, is working on the development of a payload called the Rapid Acquisition Atmospheric Detector (RAAD – Arabic for “thunder”) and Francesco, head of the physics program. I received advice from Dr. Arneodo. Professor of Physics, Dr. Mallory Roberts.

The effects of high-energy gamma-ray emissions on air, air traffic, and human health, especially flight crews, will be studied by Light-1. Light-1 data provide a better understanding of radiation exposure, as these rays can penetrate the structure of the aircraft.

“The UAE has made great strides in space travel over the past few years. The successful deployment of the Light-1 nanosatellite into orbit is a major milestone. The recent success of the Emirates Mars mission and the first astronaut. We are approaching a journey to the International Space Station in Haza Armansuri, which confirms our achievements in space, “said Salem Buttiarkbaisi, director of the UAE Space Agency. ..

In January, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) launched the DEWA-SAT1 nanosatellite in collaboration with Nano Avionics as another feat of the United Arab Emirates’ space ambitions. It has become the world’s first utility to use nanosatellite to improve maintenance and planning of electrical and water networks.

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