United Nations Goose Management Working Group meets in Helsinki to discuss population trends and joint measures

Annual meeting The Conference of the International Working Group on Goose Management under the Agreement on the Conservation of African and Eurasian Mobile Waterfowl AEWA will be held in Helsinki on June 21-23, 2022. AEWA and its Individual Species Working Group (ISWG) are important to Finland. Conservation and sustainable exploitation of mobile aquatic and coastal birds found in Finland.

The meeting will review the latest data on goose population trends and determine possible further measures for goose populations within the authority of the European goose management platform.

With regard to barnacle geese, topics discussed include the impact of barnacle goose shooting on the development of different populations. For bean geese, greylag geese, and pink-footed geese, the member states in which they are hunted will agree on future hunting quotas. Bean geese and greylag geese are counted as hunting bird species in Finland. The majority of bean geese breeding in Finland are subspecies of bean geese with international management plans in place. From October to November, numerous tundra bean geese also travel southeastern Finland. Topics to be discussed also include damage to agriculture, budget for next year’s working group, and the need for oversight and research.

This conference is co-sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The Finnish delegation has interests with working groups of ministries, the Finnish Wildlife Service, members of the Northern Ostrobosnia Center for Economic Development, Transportation and the Environment, and experts from the Finnish Environmental Institute and the Finnish Natural Resources Institute. It is made up of representatives of people. Economic Development, Transportation, Environmental Center, University of Turku, Finnish Hunters Association, BirdLife Finland in Southwestern Finland and Northern Carrelia.

Collaboration aimed at creating mechanisms for sustainable management and exploitation of goose populations

The European goose management platform is an important step in international cooperation to protect migratory birds and ensure sustainable hunting. Species involved in the study include both declining and abundantly increasing species.

The working group consists of state representatives and experts nominated from 16 countries. The European Commission and major European stakeholder organizations in the areas of nature maintenance, hunting and agriculture are also participating in this work. The purpose of the cooperation is to maintain good conservation status of goose populations while reducing serious agricultural damage and aviation risk from certain species.

What is AEWA?

Agreement on the Conservation of African and Eurasian Immigrant Waterfowl The purpose of AEWA is to promote the protection of waterfowl and their habitats throughout their range of travel, including breeding grounds, stopovers and wintering grounds. This agreement is governed by the United Nations Environment Program UNEP. As for Finland, it applies to both nature conservation species and all huntable aquatic birds.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of the Environment United Nations Goose Management Working Group meets in Helsinki to discuss population trends and joint measures

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