Universities miss their recruitment target by 36.83%

  • Rachel Lin, Yang Mien-chieh, Jake Chung / Staff Reporter, Staff Writer

Twenty-two public and 29 private universities failed to meet their recruitment targets by 14,000 students despite reporting record acceptance rates of 98.94%, the college admissions board said Friday. He emphasized the seriousness of the lack of students due to the declining birthrate.

In its report on the national acceptance rate, the commission found that 25,297 applicants took the entrance exam this year, as the university had attempted to recruit 39,350 students but failed to reach its target of 36.83%. said 9,272 fewer than last year.

In terms of student majors, the committee said foreign languages ​​departments accounted for more than 62 percent of the departments that failed to meet their recruitment targets.

Photo: Liao Chen Hui, Taipei Times

Cai Qunliu, secretary general of the committee and director of the National Cheng Kung University Education Department, said that the declining birth rate has led to a sharp drop in the number of people taking the new exams.

This year, for the first time, subject-specific exams were held instead of the advanced subject exams. For subject-specific tests, only Category A math, history, geography, civics, physics, chemistry, and biology scores (maximum 60 points in each subject) are considered.

Subject tests are another option for students wishing to enter college. Another option is the General Scholastic Aptitude Test, which considers test takers’ scores in four out of five subjects, including general Chinese. Written in Mandarin. English; Category A or B Mathematics, or both. social science; and science.

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The commission said private universities with well-established reputations were also affected by the decline in enrollment, with the Chinese Culture University recruiting only 257 students despite having 2,635 vacancies. I’m reporting that I didn’t.

The Private School Educators Federation and the National Federation of Teachers Union (NFTU) called on the Department of Education to reconsider its policy on student recruitment.

Yoo Jung-hee, president of the Private School Educators Union, said universities were responsible for underestimating the impact of the country’s declining birthrate, resulting in a large discrepancy between actual and expected student numbers. However, the education ministry is also responsible for failing to manage the number of recruits.

Yu said the ministry should reduce the number of students in public universities with low acceptance rates and allow them to be recruited.

NFTU President Hou Junliang said the ministry should expedite plans to close underperforming private schools as fewer students are expected to enroll in universities in the next few years.

Hou said the Ministry of Education should work with the general public and academia to formulate practical policies for the future of Taiwan’s higher education system.

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