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University of Abu Dhabi will begin essential focus on four new futures this fall

The University of Abu Dhabi, the largest private university in the United Arab Emirates, plans to launch four new intensive universities in the fall of 2022 as part of an ongoing investment to prepare students for their future careers. New focus includes big data analysis and web and mobile application development under a bachelor of science in software engineering, and cybersecurity and game development under a bachelor of science in IT. New concentration, accredited by the United Arab Emirates Academic Accreditation Board (CAA), is needed to best prepare for the most sought after jobs and the fastest growing professions of the 21st century. The purpose is to equip students with skills.

Undergraduate concentration will be available on ADU’s Abu Dhabi and Al Ain campuses. The focus on big data analytics provided to software engineering students provides students with advanced skills and in-depth knowledge to extract, analyze, and develop robust software systems that carry large amounts of data. After graduation, students can apply software engineering designs to innovate and deploy solutions across many sectors.

As cyberspace continues to expand, ADU’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, focused on cybersecurity, opens endless doors to graduates looking to develop, defend and protect future software systems. As cybersecurity professionals play a vital role in protecting privacy, business interests, and business infrastructure from cyberattacks, this program allows students to use state-of-the-art IT solutions. Get your own qualifications to design, analyze, and test a wide range of IT solutions. technology.

By providing students with the opportunity to choose a major in the field of passion and focusing on game development, game enthusiasts can bring current technical concepts and practices through human-computer interaction, information management, and programming. It will be available and applicable. Students, organized as a set of core courses and disciplines, will acquire the latest knowledge in web technology and internet applications, networking, mobile applications and security, interactive media and game programming.

Web / Mobile Application Development Focus is designed for software engineering program students who want to acquire knowledge and skills in areas that complement their learning programs. This focus gives students the technical knowledge and skills they need to apply web and mobile technologies and perform data analytics in a variety of professional environments.

Professor Wakal Ahmad of the University of Abu Dhabi commented on this occasion: “Choosing an education major or concentration that can withstand the rapidly changing pace of the world can be a daunting task for students and their families. Toward new disciplines and industries-at the University of Abu Dhabi, students That is why we are constantly pursuing new programs that expand our learning reach. ”

Dr. Hamdi Sheibani, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, commented: The program that best prepares them for a prosperous and rewarding career in the future. “

The four new intensive programs are being developed according to the highest standards of international professional institutions such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS), and the Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP).

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