Unlicensed raves draw thousands to Piedmont, Puglia

(ANSA) – ROME, 16 August – Unlicensed rave parties draw thousands to rural venues in Piedmont and Puglia on the Feast of Assumption (Mary’s) ‘Ferragosto’ in mid-August gathered young people.

Police said they decided to allow the rave in Predosa, near Alessandria, Piedmont, for public safety reasons.

It was for the same reason that we allowed another rave to be held in Castri, in the Salento region of southern Puglia.

According to police, an estimated 2,000 youths attended the Predosa rave.

Local officials said more than 1,000 people went wild at the rally in Kastri.

Extensive cleaning operations were underway at both sites on Tuesday.

Local authorities in both Piedmont and Puglia have called for enforcing laws against such events and banning them from taking place. (ANSA).

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