Unrest: PM orders all Haiti diplomatic staff to return home

Nassau, Bahamas — Prime Minister Philip Davis yesterday ordered the involuntary departure of all diplomats from Haiti after the team was stopped by Haitian police and stripped of their vehicles and weapons.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) reported that five Bahamians from Bahama Air were unable to leave the airport area due to a deteriorating security situation amid ongoing protests by the Haitian National Police. bottom.

Commander, Embassy of the Bahamas Godfrey Rolle

According to news reports, Haitian police are protesting the recent killing of a police officer by an armed group. Rebel officers reportedly targeted Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s official residence and airport on Thursday.

All diplomatic personnel have been ordered to leave immediately or as the security situation permits.

“This morning, the stormtroopers reported that they were stopped by Haitian police and released their vehicles and weapons,” the foreign ministry statement said.

“This is part of a protest by the Haitian National Police against their own authorities. All of our diplomats are personally safe. There are also reports of five Bahamians from the United States, and they are all safe and well.”

“The security situation in the country appeared to be unstable over the past three days, and we are taking precautionary measures,” the statement said.

The embassy has 11 local staff and 6 diplomatic staff, including temporary commander Godfrey Rohr.

Security at the Bahamian Embassy in Haiti was increased last year, adding officers from the Royal Bahamian Defense Force and adding weapons. kidnapping of local workers.

The female employee was kidnapped around 6:00 am on September 1 after going to an ATM and returning home. she was released A few weeks later on September 23rd.

At the time, Roll said: eyewitness news There were some security concerns, but it would be “silly” to close the embassy given the need to interact with Haitian authorities on the ground.

In a statement yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that the new return order was only a temporary measure in light of new developments.

“To date, voluntary departure orders have been issued and all embassy staff have chosen to stay,” the statement said.

“They are to return home as soon as circumstances allow, according to new instructions. It’s just a measure.

The statement read: Our security forces have been alerted to these developments. As soon as circumstances permit, the team will be sent back to Haiti without further announcement. “

Prime Minister Philip Davis at a regional conference in Argentina warned the leaders The crisis in Haiti poses a significant threat to the Bahamas and neighboring countries due to a large increase in “irregular and often unsafe” migration. Unrest: PM orders all Haiti diplomatic staff to return home

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