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Unseasonable rain kills seven in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, at least seven people have died after unseasonably heavy rains caused flash floods in the normally dry eastern part of the Gulf states, officials said.
“We regret to announce that six people of Asian nationality have died as a result of the floods,” said Ali al-Tunaiji, the Interior Ministry’s Central Operations Director.
The ministry later announced the death of a seventh Asian immigrant. Her July temperatures in the United Arab Emirates regularly hit 40 degrees, but the east coast can also be affected by the Indian Ocean monsoon.
Flash floods can occur when torrential rain falls on the sunburned earth.
Emergency services said they responded to hundreds of rescue requests in the past two days as floods hit the streets of the port city of Fujairah and other eastern districts.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/721901/Unseasonable-rains-leave-seven-dead-in-UAE Unseasonable rain kills seven in UAE

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