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Unvaccinated Emiratis has been banned from traveling abroad

The UAE has announced a ban on travel for UAE citizens who have not been vaccinated with Covid-19 since January 10.

To travel, vaccinated citizens are required to obtain an additional immune dose according to the national protocol for additional immune doses.

The announcement was made on Saturday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) in collaboration with the National Emergency and Disaster Management Bureau (NCEMA).

There are exemptions made. Travel is permitted to unvaccinated citizens who are medically exempt from vaccination, humanitarian incidents, and individuals traveling for medical and therapeutic purposes.

The importance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NCEMA to ensure that all travelers comply with precautions, seek information on the status of infection at the destination of their choice, and contact foreign UAE diplomatic missions suspected of being infected. Was emphasized. ..

On Saturday, January 1, MoHAP noted that 36,384 Covid-19 vaccines had been given in the last 24 hours.

Therefore, the total doses provided so far are 22,679,877 and the vaccine distribution rate is 229.31 per 100 people.

In late December, the Ministry of Health approved the emergency use of a new recombinant protein vaccine for Sinopharm CNBG. The new vaccine will be manufactured and distributed by Hayat Biotech, a joint venture between G42 and Sinopharm CNBG. It will be open to the public as a booster effect from January 2022.

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Sinopharm protein-based vaccines use proteins from the spinal cord that surround the Covid-19 virus.It allows the body to identify the virus and fight it in case of exposure, which helps prevent some variants, state news agency Wham Dr. Noura Al Ghaithi, a spokesman for the United Arab Emirates Health Sector, reported saying after the vaccine was approved.

“Sinopharm protein-based vaccines and other Sinopharm vaccines are effective in producing antibodies, but new protein-based vaccines provide more comprehensive results to ensure greater efficacy in the prevention of mutations. We have the potential to achieve this, “added Dr. Noura.

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